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Traverse the Sounds Of The Underground with Our Latest 'The Lights/Out Selection 15' Podcast

With 2017 underway, we head back into the black for the year's first episode of our underground podcast featuring Jeremey Olander, Cleric, Developer & more
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The Lights Out Selection 15

Wednesdays are special days. It signifies that the week is half over and that the weekend is approaching. It also means it's time for another episode of the Lights/Out Selection. Although the year is still new, the underground wastes no time, and incredible music is already flowing furiously. Speaking of incredible music, for those of you who have been following the show since day one, you may have noticed that we've slowly evolved into a more Techno focused podcast. But fear not! While the genre is certainly the main staple, good music is good music, and diversity is a virtue that this show was built on. 

This year you can expect to hear much more Drum & Bass, Progressive House, and random sprinklings of other genres we hold dear to our heart. You can also expect more guest mixes and exclusive interviews from some of the best artists you may or may not have heard of. In this episode we start off nice and deep, working our way up into a frenzy. But without further ado, let's rave. 

Track list:

Edit Select, Shifted - a38.NNN01

Jeremy Olander - Atlanten

Stephan Bodzin - IX (Marc Romboy Lost in Leploops)

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