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Trump Presidency Now Somehow Involves Daft Punk

According to the new press secretary, they've ruined their 10 seconds of fame.
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Daft Punk

Whether you're conservative or liberal, we can admit that whatever is happening in the White House is far from normal and it seems that everything and everyone is getting less vetting than previous presidencies in the past. 

Because this is the internet and the Trump presidency has a hard time filtering old tweets and vetting people, the new press secretary Sean Spicer is finding himself under fire for tweets about Daft Punk, or rather Daft Funk. 

He's seen attacking the duo for wearing helmets and performing with Stevie Wonder during the Grammys in 2014. 10 seconds of fame is a little harsh- the French music wizards have won six awards from the ceremony with a career spanning over 20 years. 

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Other bizarre things Spicer has waged war against in the past include Dippin Dots. He also recently presented "alternative facts" about the events of the inauguration. Things have started off weird and are looking like they'll be getting even stranger. Are we living in a movie? 

Check out the weird tweets below. 

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