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Cannabis Dabber

Cannabis concentrates involves an elaborate process that removes cannabinoids from the plant. The process also encompasses heightening the potency and thickness of all of the substances that are removed from the plant. Substances that are removed during the process are comparatively more potent that ordinary cannabis plant with a staggering discrepancy in THC levels which is set at 70 to 60 % more than natural cannabis plants which contains as low as 25%.

Cannabis concentrates are categorized in two types according to the process followed to make them: The solvent based and the non-solvent based.

Solvent based: Substances removed using Butane, CO2 or Ethanol.

Butane hash oil is an exceptionally strong concentrate and comes in a list of assortments that includes:

· Shatter: the shatter comes in a glassy form and is renowned for being one of the most unadulterated concentrates.

· Hash oil: hash oil is commonly discovered in vaporizers cartridges or syringes

· Wax, Budder: the wax and budder offer extracts in the form of smooth butter

· Crumble: the crumble extract has a reputation for being a convenient oil extract as it is solid and disintegrates fast.

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The aforementioned extracts such as shatter, wax and crumble are very popular for those who like dabbing. There is a lot of talk on the media about dabbing as it becomes very popular for those looking for a more intense dose of THC.

CO2 oil has a consistency which makes it the most applicable method to include vaporizers because of its watery uniformity.

Ethanol and alcohol tinctures: this approach to using cannabis was quite pervasive before it was banned in 1937. This approach to cannabis consumption is a very suitable alternative to smoking and is taken as a medication and is administered orally. Examples may include Cannabis oil, honey and topicals.

Non solvent base concentrates

Kief: the Kief is a palatable concentrate that consists of crystals that are located on the outside of the flower that has been cut.

Hash: the hash is just like Kief but it is different in that it is compressed into a block. The hash is the most preferred and widely used approach to cannabis consumption.

The demand for dabs is becoming increasingly high when compared with other substitute approaches owing largely to its elevated THC level. The dabbing sensation has provoked divergent views about its applicability and downsides. 

While dabbing offers an interestingly new approach to enjoying the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, many still remain ardent followers of the more conservative method of utilizing cannabis by smoking with a preference for strawberry kush strain.

We will be covering more forms of cannabis in the coming months along with reviews of dab rigs, more vapes and actual wax, oils and shatter. 

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