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Watch Oakland Art Community and Government work together to Create a Better City

Oakland Mayor Works to Help Artists Avoid Displacement.

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf has signed Executive Order 2017-1 into place, ensuring that artists will not be displaced and protecting tenants in DIY spaces while they adjust these locations to be up to fire code. 

The executive order notes- 

"We must take additional steps to protect physical, cultural and artistic assets and workspaces in the community while making necessary changes to improve life safety, provide for safer public events and improve standards and procedures for evaluating and assuring compliance.”

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Buildings not up to fire code need to start putting plans in place with the city government and "generally work in the spirit of cooperation with property owners, tenants and master lessors to correct code violations that are not deemed to be an imminent life safety risk.” The order specifies further that the city needs to "avoid displacement of any individuals residing or working in the property if that can be accomplished without imminent life safety risk."

More information about the order can be found here

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