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You may recognize Happy Tokes (Madison Ortiz) from her inspiring, thoughtful and endearing Instagram posts where she normalizes the use of medical marijuana by sharing her journey with a following of over 62k. When she’s not promoting CannaSmack (check out her co-branded flavor Happy Tokes Natural Peach Lip Balm), documenting her day-to-day or traveling to fun cannabis events, Ortiz writes strain, concentrate and edible reviews as well as patient profiles for Culture Magazine. When asked to share five songs, she jumped at the chance, exclaiming, “Mom says I was singing before I could talk; music has always been a love of mine.” In fact, Ortiz has been known to belt out a song or two on her baritone ukulele for her online followers. Peep Ortiz’s sesh suggestions below, then join her on Spotify @HappyTokes to listen to a wide variety of curated tunes for an extended toke sesh.

“Sun Models” (feat Madelyn Grant) by ODESZA

This song has surely become a favorite for many, since its release in 2014. I’m truly excited to be able to brag about the talented young woman who’s vocals you’re singing along to in this song! Her name is Madelyn Grant. Back in the day, we were both ‘choir kids’ at Royal Oak High School, located in Michigan. It’s the coolest thing to see your peers accomplish goals, and share their talents and dreams with the world. I’m very proud of her and hope that you’ll follow her solo journey with music, as she is currently working on her debut EP. 

“Roll Up” (feat. Marko Penn) by B.o.B 

High Times Magazine hosted a “Country Fair” Cannabis Cup in Clio, Mi, where I had the pleasure of vending CannaSmack products. My friends from Herbal Solutions in Ypsilanti are always extremely generous with the freebies at these events; shooting off actual money canons filled with cash and prizes. I have the pleasure of helping them out when I can. During the fair, I was standing between the stage and the gate that starts the front row of the audience, tossing out treats into the audience with my friend Chelsea, when B.o.B gets on stage. I hear this song for the very first time, being performed live, up-close and personal. The crowd was kind enough to pass some joints up to B.o.B and we had the pleasure of lighting up and seshing, passing the joint back and forth to the artist as he performed. 

“Good Times Roll” by Big Gigantic & GriZ

This song, one of my favorite funky tunes, is filled with good vibes. I’ve had the pleasure of catching a few of these shows. I’m always blown away by the love shown to me by friends from the @HappyTokesTribe when we have these marvelous opportunities to cross paths in real life. Hearing songs like this always reminds me of those memories and motivates me; my people are everywhere. 

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“New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini

Several years ago, I experienced a rare and traumatic side effect of a prescribed medication called Prednisone. After taking it for only a week and a half, this medication induced what doctors in the ER referred to as “Prednisone Psychosis.” I remained aware mentally, but I temporarily lost control of my body (emotions, muscles, speech and beyond). Following my release from the ER, my diaphragm was still spasming for two weeks, leaving me with a verbal stutter that terrified my loved ones. Normally, I’m quite the quick speaker and I could sense their discomfort with my severely slowed down and stutter-filled speech, despite their patience with me. Aware that music has always been therapy for me, one day, my father encouraged me to go out in the backyard and try to sing past my stutter. He reminded me that the same muscles I spent years training in vocal lessons were the muscles that I needed to focus on. I turned my Spotify playlist on shuffle and the first song didn't come out. I felt discouraged, but only for the few moments in-between my cracking voice and clicking the “next” button. This song, that my heart and soul knew so truly, came on and I pushed out what I could. By the time the chorus came my flow sounded pleasing enough to my ears. I was filled with tears and emotion. In this moment, I knew I would be able to speak without a stutter again. 

“When the Night Feels My Song” by Bedouin Soundclash

Speaking of those choir days, this was a song that I had the opportunity to perform with a friend playing guitar and three additional friends on backup vocals. Hearing this tune always brings back good memories. We would all be singing non-stop; I simply loved harmonizing with my friends. 

Photo of Happy Tokes by Jessica Robertson

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