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Weedsday Playlist: The Daily Leaf’s Stephen Gold Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
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In 2015, Stephen Gold and his partner Andy Yashar created The Daily Leaf, a real-time resource that helps drive information to cannabis consumers. Touted as a “Groupon for Cannabis” in the early developmental stages, The Daily Leaf has blossomed into a platform that helps consumers find local information pertaining to dispensary deals, product launches, and cannabis culture events. The service now provides visitors with savings of 10-75 percent off their regularly priced cannabis products. In addition, The Daily Leaf produces compelling behind-the-scenes video content and hosts cool cannabis-themed sporting events like Canna Bowl and the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament, “The Largest Cannabis Golf Tournament In The Northwest.” Gold’s got great taste in hip hop, so we asked him to dish us a few fun tunes to blaze one to. 

“Time: The Donut of The Heart” by J Dilla

This beat is absolutely infectious. I was first introduced to J Dilla in college, and the first time I cycled through Donuts and got to this track, I thought I found the secret of life! It hits a groove great for a complete zone out! There's been numerous times this Dilla beat played on repeat for what seemed like hours. For the stoner that enjoys a subtle instrumental with one of the best samples in hip hop history, I would recommend this classic, along with the rest of the Donuts album.  

“Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” by OutKast

I started listening to rap music early on in my life. Growing up in NYC with an older brother I was bumping my head during the classic years of 94 and 95 without much idea or context for what was actually being talked about. My uncle worked at Arista Records and would send us all the new CDs that came out on the label each month. When the packages came in, my father would let us take the rap CDs and I would follow my brother through the airwaves. I remember when we got OutKast’s first album. Everything about it was sonically unique and it confused the fuck out of me. There was melody and obscurity sprinkled throughout the whole project and its presentation. I remember seeing the CD image and laughed at how it got past my father because it was a naked black woman, full bush and all. The title track from the album, “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik,” is such a dope track. As years went by and OutKast released albums, I’ve matured and come to appreciate everything OutKast stands for. True innovators.

“Keys Open Doors” by Clipse

This is the slogan for my life! I’ll be in the most random places and the words “KEYS OPEN DOORS, KEYS KEYS OPEN DOORS” burst out of my mouth. Pusha T & Malice, the ultimate coke rap gangsters, are some of the wittiest rhyme slingers I’ve come to appreciate through the years. In 2005, I interned at Zomba Music Group / Jive Records in the Urban Promotions and Marketing Department. On my first day, my boss for the summer Nickel D (whattup!) brought me up to the studio to check on The Clipse who were working on drops for radio stations. Mind you, I’m a huge Clipse fan. From day 1, Lord Willin was my shiiit! So we get up to the studio and they are puffing down on a blunt and I got to blaze with their crew; really good first day of the summer internship! The Clipse, and then Pusha T as a solo artist, have put out consistent, thoughtful tracks/albums with countless classic lines about the drug dealer lifestyle. I said, but mom, “Keys Open Doors… get it?”

“Everyone Nose” (Remix) by NERD

This is just a fun track. Around the time this track came out, it was what I believe to be the pinnacle of Kanye West’s career (West is featured on this track). He had just released Graduation, and it was still very much creating lyrical rap/hip hop music. He then released 808s & Heartbreaks and became more of an autotune singer / obscure producer rather than just straight lyricist. I remember following his featured verses around the time “Everyone Nose” came out (‘08/’09) because his verses always made me laugh. Kanye would always deliver clever punch lines that connected with the times. He would provide verses for the remixes of Lil Wayne “Lollipop,” Drake “Forever,” Young Jeezy “I Put On,” TI “Swagger Like Us,” Neyo “Because Of You,” and many more. At any rate, Everyone Nose was just a banger for a club track. Yes, it’s stupid and slightly misogynistic, but witty in the way this song pokes fun of party drugs and females in the limelight at the time.

“In the club, always the flyest

Always got her hands the highest

She stopped drinking Diet Coke

She on that coke diet

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She bat, she bat her eyelids

That girl is so wired

I know she so tired, but ooh, she on fire

Hundred dollar bill, look at you, look at you

A hundred dollar bills, this ain't new, this ain't new

From that Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Mary-Kate and Whitney

People say that they clean, motherfucker don't bullshit me”

“Girls Girls $”by Theophilus London

This track reminds me of one of my favorite sativa strains NYC Sour Diesel. Being that I grew up in NYC, this was a strain we would get often. Throughout the teenage years, my weed dealer would bring us 20 sacks and spurt out names that we wouldn’t even comprehend. The only two smells that were extremely distinguishable were that Uptown Haze and the NYC Sour Diesel. The NYC Diesel had that strong skunky nose that filled up the room. You knew you had a good one when you smelled that scent. Well, that is exactly how this song makes me feel. It’s super upbeat with a flow that goes the whole track. I was turned on to this track and Theophilus London by my homie in London. 1He’s nonstop with the flow…always wanting to freestyle every chance he gets. Something only a sativa would ignite!

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