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Once a cannabis writer for High Times and other publications, Abdullah “T. Kid” Saeed recently launched his new Bong Appetit series on Viceland where Saeed and company chill in a posh California crib and cook inventive meals featuring cannabis as the star ingredient. At the house, the fridge is stocked with terpenes, oils, infusions, and ounces upon ounces of select strains perfect for pairing with everything from Bedouin-style roast chicken to nitrogen chilled turmeric lemongrass ice cream.

Saeed’s a globetrotter who's climbed the mountains of Nepal for a taste of Mad Honey, made hash with famous Hashishin Frenchy Cannoli, and penned politically driven articles on legalization for The Guardian. Naturally, his elaborate cannabis dinner parties featuring notable chefs like Chris Sayegh preparing multi-course infused meals are a must see. Also a self proclaimed “noodle-enthusiast,” producer of Viceland, writer and musician, The Kid’s outspoken about loving spliffs above-all. So, we grilled the canna-maestro on his five favorite songs to burn one to.

“Hometown” by Witch

In the last several years, all this great psychedelic music from the 60s and 70s has re-emerged thanks to labels like Now Again and Sublime Frequencies. I've indulged a lot in digging into that stuff on YouTube and whatnot, as I'm not too keen on new music nowadays. This Witch song has this perfect balance of funk and rock that really hits me right when I'm smoking.


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“Overheat” by Aleph

In the first part of my career as a writer, I was a music journalist covering electronic music, and I loved following small labels from all over the world churning out inventive stuff. King Deluxe did a great job of it, and Aleph is my favorite on their roster. I believe he grew up in a remote area in Siberia, and you can feel it in all his beats.

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“She Is A Beast” by Sunny Ali

Full disclosure, Sunny and I have collaborated for years in our project Sunny Ali & the Kid and when I played with the Kominas. His solo work is some of my favorite electronic stuff because it follows no rules.

“Gaijin Sabetsu, Gaikoku Hakuchuumu” by Bogdan Raczynski

This is the kind of stuff I was into as a teenager alongside old punk music and jungle/drill and bass and Wu Tang and whatnot. I've loved this song forever because it is just harder and crazier than any song I can think of. It's a little masochistic to listen to this kind of shit if you're really, really high, but it's fun as fuck.

“6.07” by Plug

Luke Vibert is one of my all-time favorite artists because he works in so many different styles and is so clearly fueled by cannabis consumption. This song, from disc 2 of what I consider the best drum n bass album of all time, doesn't seem to fit any of his aliases, but it's a perfect jam at 2:17. I wince every time.

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