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No resolutions made whatsoever in 2017 - throwing caution to the wind! Expect less, get more - or some inspirational malarky of that nature. With no newfangled exercise regime or overall goals to distract me - I can dedicate self to my preferred fun genre - knitting! Actually no, not knitting, I'm not equipped mentally for such a hobby. Luckily, there's always drum and bass.

This editorial brought to you by the words "unrelated" and "dribble."

Enjoy the chart.

The Most Whomping 16 of 2016 can be found here.

1. "Electric" - The Prototypes [Get Hype Records]

Little ditty on their own damn label! Storming it... plug in to this... it's a zinger...

2. "I Need The Night" - Loadstar [RAM Records]

Putting their needs first are the Loadstar boys - see what happens with a little self TLC! Don't be rude.

3. "The Real " - Ulterior Motive ft. Ben Verse [Shogun Audio]

Ulterior Motive dabble in Shogun waters with their first ever release on the label. Usually Metalheadz mob, they chose new turf to showcase their first solo project since, The Real EP in 2015

4. "The Wall"  - Matrix & Futurebound [Viper Recordings]

Follow up track to "Fire" - which I think it can be agreed, Matrix & Futurebound are most certainly on.

5. "Flutterbyes" - Logistics x Ownglow ft. Prism [Hospital Records]

Old school hip-hop vibe sprinkled liberally with drum and bass - nice switch up.

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6. "Sound Barrier" - Rene LaVice [RAM Records]

Classic LaVice - so much respect for the constant stream of goodness flowing from his fingers.

7. "Shotgun Mouthwash" - High Contrast [3Beat Productions Ltd]

Used on the T2 Trainspotting Soundtrack which has leaked online - second track below!

8. "Plastic Acid" - Phace [Blackout NL]

Phace has a new EP on Blackout and dedicated SoundCloud followers have offered up intelligently worded reviews such as, "Well phuck me, this is brilliant." Geddit... because the P and the face and the... well, I enjoyed it. No surprises there though really.

9. "Joy & Pain" - Hour Enemy [Cr2/BMG]

Brighton based twosome follow up their recent release on RAM's Drum & Bass Annual 2016 with "Hour Enemy" that is definitely not... your enemy. 

10. "Everybody" - DC Breaks [RAM Records]

Taking us out on a high here - sick vocal merged with a good old breakdown - thankfully, not of the mental variety. Looking forward to catching this one out and about.

Chart to kickstart your heart...

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