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Being a touring DJ on the road you see some pretty crazy shit sometimes. Stories from the road are sometimes funny, and sometimes completely alarming, but it’s always entertaining, so I have decided to share a pocket full of stories with you.

On Never Seeing Pizza the Same Way Again...


On this past Holy Ship earlier this year, I was shown a video of guy on the boat who was literally screwing a pizza!!!! The story I learned later was that Ghastly had asked a guy who was walking by if he would f*ck a pizza for $30. Amazingly that guy said yes, much to his surprise. I was thinking about how hysterical that video was when I was waiting for my flight back home. I mean, what would have happened if that pizza was right out of the oven with hot, blistering melted cheese? OUCH! I’ll never look a pizza the same way after seeing that video.

Don't drug the DJ!


When I was in Juarez, Mexico about 7 years ago, I played this insane party outside of this old mansion that was pretty rundown to be honest, but it had a nice big pool. It looked like no one had taken care of the property in years which was unfortunate, because you could tell that once upon a time it was probably a gorgeous property with lush gardens and high class affairs. The party was crazy and around two thousand people were losing their shit! It sounded like a soccer match since the crowd was constantly blowing whistles. I had a CD stolen from the top of the tables ( It was before USB Drives). 

About halfway through my set, I reached down for a CD and lost my balance and had this moment of feeling like I was going to throw up. My first reaction was “ahh crap, I ate something bad”. The feeling passed fairly quickly, and shortly after I started feeling overcome with positive energy and abnormally uplifted. Finally, it dawned on me as I started sweating, that someone had put some molly in my beer. Fortunately for me, someone had stolen that beer before I finished it (maybe the same guy who stole my CD; it was a sketchy ass party). More like a manageable buzz. 

Needless to say It was hard to sleep after that gig and I did have some anxiety kick in at the thought of being that vulnerable. Moral of the story: Don’t dose your DJ! Not cool.

Cheap Hotels are Dangerous


Shooting way back in my history as a DJ, right about when Dirtybird was starting to get some momentum, and we started getting booked out of San Francisco, we got a residency in NYC at a club called APT that had a really nice Funktion One system in the basement. At that point, we did not have booking agents or people to get us set up on our travels, and we were kind of broke. I somehow got put in charge of booking the hotel rooms for me and Justin Martin for this trip. I booked us rooms at this super shady hotel in Time Square, as I didn’t realize how skeezy it was from the online photos. It was super freaky and neither of us slept under the covers, because it was clear that this place was used to shoot pornos and the hygiene was sub-par. Justin had a pillow on his bed that said ”He’s Mine” in red cursive on it. I felt so bad for putting us in the nasty situation, and needless to say, I was not put in charge of travel arrangements moving forward. Sorry, Justin!

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Playing Cricket With the Boys!


Down in Australia when I was on tour 5 years ago. I had the opportunity to play a game of cricket. Being from the states I had no idea how to play. The other thing was this was no regular game of cricket. It was in an alleyway in the middle of the city where I was playing against Yolanda Be Cool and Wax Motif and a number of others. It got pretty squirrely at the end as the beers were going down and glasses were breaking from getting hit by ball. It was mad fun to learn the game and to play and hang out with other artists in a non-club environment. I’m planning an Australian tour later this year, so it looks like it might be about time for a rematch!

Accidentally Running a Marathon!


On another occasion, Justin Martin and I were returning from a gig together in Mexico around 6AM, and as we were making our way to our hotel from the border in Tijuana to San Diego, we got stuck at a road closure, which planted us smack in the middle of a marathon. We were about a mile or two away from our hotel, but had no other choice but to get out of this cab. Both of us were still pretty drunk from the night before, so we really got into it and decided to just join the marathon. We were scruffy as hell with our club gear on and backpacks, looking completely out of place, but we ran the entire way to our hotel alongside the marathon runners, just saying stupid shit and filming ourselves. I suspect that if they had been handing out beers on the side of the road, instead of water, that we would have been able to finish that race.

So yeah, anyway, there are a few stories from my travels on the road, in the sky, and down under. Parties are always fun and insane, which is why I for one have chosen this career, but you do witness and partake in some insane madness and wild rides along the way from show to show. Now with my tour under way, I already have some new stories I’m sitting on, a bit too fresh to put out there, but I’m gonna keep stacking them up for a future storytelling opportunity. I always love to hear stories from our fans, so if you have any good ones, please post them on my Facebook page. With the hecticness of my tour schedule, I always love a good laugh! Cheers ya’ll.

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