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A Guide to Dance Music Marketing in 2017 Pt. 2

Get Real Results with Techniques from the Pros
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A Guide to Dance Music Marketing Part two

Part two of our series on Marketing to the Dance Music audience.

As a marketing and social media consultant, brands and entertainers bring me in to help them produce results. This article might upset some people because I’m going to give away some secrets that other consultants, “marketing experts” and social media managers charge their client's good money for. If you fall into one of those categories and feel threatened by this article, it’s time to re-evaluate what you actually do. I use every one of these tactics below to produce results for my clients, but the reason I can safely give away my bag of secrets is because you still have to have a strategy and quality product to produce real results. (see part one of this series)

If you are a DJ, be careful when using these tactics because it’s going to bring you exposure, and if your music isn’t worth listening to, you are actually hurting yourself more than helping yourself. If you are a clothing brand and you don’t have professional quality content, imagery and a quality website, you will do more harm to your brand than good. Hire someone to help you develop content and goal focused strategies first. Now that we got that out of the way, if you are ready to move forward, have a good product ready and a killer strategy, then by all means continue.

Instagram Tips for Dance Music Marketing

Use an Instagram growth service like Boomagram to get exposure.

Instagram BOTs

Forget your negative connotations about BOTs. Instagram BOTs are a great way to grow, in fact, they are the only real, sustainable and measurable way to grow. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to properly use them, which is one of the reasons they have such a bad name. Why are you liking my pictures at 3 am when I know you are really on stage somewhere? Use a BOT for your Instagram, but use it wisely. The best option is a service named Boomagram.

Boomagram knows the right way to grow accounts without using any spam techniques. Their BOTs are more human-like. Plus they know the Dance Music industry and audience very well. This is a small investment that will get you a ton of exposure. Social media managers use this service for clients, but since Boomagram develops a custom strategy for every account, you can go to them directly and get great results. Using a service like Boomagram will get your profile tons of exposure to your potential audience, therefore make sure your images, music, product, press shots and your bio are ready before getting started. For full disclosure I consult with Boomagram but I only recommend the service because it works

Another reason BOTs get a bad rap is because people think there is some sort of social currency involved in following. I’d prefer for people to unfollow me if they aren’t interested in what I post. I am more concerned about having a strong audience of people following me for the right reasons than I am with having a high follower number. If I follow you I have a purpose, sometimes the purpose is that I am genuinely interested in your page and what you post about, the other times it’s a tactic to get your attention. Everyone should understand that so we can get past the hang up of people being insulted when you unfollow them. Stop focusing on who unfollows you, they aren’t interested in your page anymore or they never were. It's ok, focus on those that are following you for the right reasons.

Get your music heard

Getting your music heard by real people is what is important.

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Soundcloud playlists

For musicians, you want to get more plays on Soundcloud. You want legit plays from people that are into your type of music. Yes, you can buy Soundcloud plays, but how does that really help you beyond a false appearance? In order to get more legit SoundCloud plays by your potential audience, create playlists with music from your genre that you and your audience would listen to. Add one of your tracks to the list. This will increase the likelihood that potential fans of yours stumble on your music. This is a tactic that many social media managers and Soundcloud Experts use to increase awareness.

Youtube Playlists

The same playlist creation tactic is a great way to increase plays on YouTube for musicians and brands. Not only does it give people a way to find your music or promotional video through playing those playlists, it also increases the chance for your video to be auto played by YouTube when someone listens to or watches a video in your genre. YouTube finds videos to play next based on videos being associated with each other in ways like playlists. It could potentially lead to your video being listed in the Recommended videos section.

Using Influencers for Dance Music Marketing

Influencers can be found outside of your market and help expose you to a new audience.


Right now is the perfect time to use Influencer marketing. There are many influencers out there working hard to build up a following hoping to eventually turn their Instagram page into a source of income. If you are looking to build your brand, these types of influencers could be a great fit for you. If you are selling something, work with influencers and offer them a percentage of sales they generate (monitored by coupon code). That way they get paid their real value. Any influencer that is against working in this sort of deal probably doesn’t have the influence they claim.

Find a way for the influencer to mention you, wear your clothes, be at your show, use your music in a skit or for a meme. Something creative that doesn’t come across as a sponsored post will get you the best results. When used right, Influencers can be a powerful outlet that can directly translate into achieving your goal. Negotiate with them and get a deal you are happy with. Most influencers will be happy to make a deal with you, especially if you have the intentions of working with them on an ongoing basis.

Use everything in this article that applies to you and there is no doubt attention will begin to come your way, but are you ready for it? These tools and tactics will not get you overnight success. They will work as long as you continue to use them as part of your strategy along with producing engagement worthy content. Stay tuned for another upcoming piece where I'll help you take the exposure and success you achieved with these tools to the next level.

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