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Review: 15" Apple Macbook Pro With Touch Bar

After many questions and some uncertainty, we settle the score with Apple's latest and greatest laptop
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The Macbook Pro is one of those products that has become synonymous with both a bedroom producer as it has with the top dogs in the industry. Sure there are Windows users, but most of the producers and DJs you see on screen and on stage are rocking the silver piece of aluminum, proudly I might add. And this is by no means to say that anything not Apple isn't quality, but there is something a bit special when picking up a new Mac computer for the first time. The Cupertino company has, over the years, created a religiously devout fan club. However, it seems as though in more recent times, the professionals that have relied on their Pro line of hardware has begun to waver. Questions on where Apple has been going with some of their newer products has left their previously proud hardware soldiers feeling left behind. 

When the company finally unveiled their new range of Macbook Pro computers, the normal elation seemed to be somewhat subdued. A touch bar? Where is the RAM? What is going on with the lack of port diversity? What the hell is USB-C?! Now I have to use dongles to plug things in that I previously could insert directly into my computer? A bad taste was certainly left in some people's mouths. Most of that unrest seems to have quieted down for the most part, although there are still some bitter-bears out there. Can't please everyone right? Admittedly, I was one of those people that wasn't bitter, but I definitely had some questions. After getting the chance to sit down with Apple at NAMM last month, I can confidently say that my questions were answered. Fortunately for you and for myself, the company sent me a demo unit to put through the paces. Below is my video review of the new computer, touch bar and all. I must apologize for not having a mind blowing camera to showcase the full resolution of the touch bar itself, but nonetheless, please enjoy.

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