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Hello, hello, hello! Funky fresh fire back at it again to deliver you the funkiest, freshest, most fire tracks in all the land! We’ve been waiting patiently (but not really quietly) to share these tracks with y'all. This chart originally featured ten tracks and then we added one... and one more... and another... and another.... and somehow we ended up with FIFTEEN tracks to share with you guys! Sorry not sorry!

P.S. Latest polls say that turning on disco playlists in your car makes your days 2.7x happier!!

1.) "End of Street" – Angelo Ferreri - Nervous Records

Angelo Ferreri is by far one of Brettley4.0’s favorite artist. Why you ask? Well it’s quite simple. It seems that whatever Angelo Ferreri touches is gold and that’s ok with me. You hear me Angelo? Never change, and I’ll keep buying your dancefloor killers. End of Street has a catchy ass bass line that will get you wiggling your shoulders and bobbing your head back and forth.

2.) "Open House" - Moullinex - Discotejas

"WOO ITS TIME TO LET GO". You're damn right on that one Moullinex!! And we really enjoy your running commentary as you bring us through your own 6 minute house party!! 

3.) "Take Me Higher" - James Rod & Chris Massey - Sprechen

I mean.... we could give you a description of this song or you could just look at the name of the album, "Welcome to the Mutant Disco EP", and buckle up for 6 minutes of weirdness.  

4.) “Boban the Spy” – Free Slice

Simply put, his song is awesome and perfectly named! This song seriously SOUNDS like a spy named Boban. It sets out with some horns and then kickstarts to an upbeat mash of funk and ambiguity, slowly building the whole time. After a couple of phrases, some vocals come in and set the track off. This song is the perfect amount of sexy, funky, and weirdness. Highly recommended!

5.) “Get It Baby (Patchworks Remix)” - Body Music - Razor'n'Tape

This one opens with some haunting keys and synths that beg some oddly serious questions…. But soon you’ll have some answers that’ll put a smile on your face as Patchworks drops you into this one off of Razor-n-Tape’s most recent "Reserves" series release. If you’re new to the Disco/Funk scene we’ll be the first to inform you that you should go ahead and head to and click ‘Buy All’ on the entirety of RNT’s catalogue, because there’s more goodness in there than we could possibly show you here.

6.) “Piano Boy” – Amtrac – Openers Records

This track features a catchy piano riff that is smoother than a baby’s bottom. As soundcloud user @stanislav said, “Hotter than a sweater in the summer. Colder than a mountain stream. Crisp, sharp, a slice of heaven. Pino bwoi”. Not sure about that last part, but I think he’s onto something. This songs most definitely a good one!

7.) “Heartache No.9 (Ashley Beedle Vocal Mix)” – Kyle Kim featuring Gordon Chambers

This synthy wonder outta Korea is for any of you who may have had a valentine gone wrong and are looking for some good ol’ catharsis… whose 2 say u cant go out and be someone else’s #10 ;)

8.) “U Live 2 Far Away (JKriv Remix)” - Tortured Soul - TSTC Records 

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You can’t deny the man’s logic, nor can you deny JKriv’s prowess, as all parts of this remix make a whole lotta sense. It seems to lead to only one conclusion: wiggle them shoulders and get down. 

9.) “The Crown (Greyskool Edit)” - Gary Byrd & the G.B. Experience feat Stevie Wonder

Here’s how this’ll go… You’ll be digging this song hard and will have added it to your ‘feel good disco’ playlist on soundcloud… aaaand then Stevie Wonder steps in at 3:47 and if you’re anything like me you’ll promptly forget what you were doing and

10.) “Fantasy (Dr. Packer Rework)” – Earth, Wind & Fire

Like any disco fan does at any of the litany of Earth Wind and Fire edits, I went into this track with one eyebrow raised. It's mighty difficult to treat such masters with respect while at the same time breathing new life into the track. But honestly… who was I kidding… Dr Packer put a smile on my face around 30 seconds in and I slapped my own wrist for doubting the masterful nu-disco producer. (Some of you DnB fans may know him as Greg Packer, who is known well within the scene and is even credited with bringing DnB to Australia)

11.) “Human Nature (Louis La Roche Remix)” – Michael Jackson

“Earth, Wind & Fire and Michael Jackson on one chart?!?!” Yes, dear reader. Trust me on this one, Louis La Roche does not disappoint. Again, this one is not SO surprising considering his previous works, but it hits all the right spots in all the best ways, while allowing MJ’s breathtaking vocals to shine through in ways you've never heard before. Watch out for people spying on you at stop-lights as they catch you shamelessly singing along to this track for the next 13 weeks.

12.) “Funk Bomb feat. Billy "Bass" Nelson (Doc Martin & Blakkat Sublevel Live Remix)” - Soul Clap - Soul Clap RemixesCrew Love Records

This song comes from Soul Clap’s newly released remix compilation. Underground legend Doc Martin & Blakkat remixed “Funk Bomb” into the perfect combination of funky bass rhythms and beautiful vocals. Check it out!

 13.) "Build a Wall" - Moullinex

Another one from Moullinex. Couldn't in our right minds share "Open House" and not share this one. We have a strictly !!NO POLITICS!! rule here at FFF, but this song is so undeniably catch AND funny that you're gonna wanna play it out everywhere, save for family and work affairs.

14.) "New Bell" - Chico Mann & Captain Plane - Bastardja

This song has some extreme South American heat to it. The hispanic vocals and authentic South American sound is simply amazing. Do enjoy this heater right here. 

15.) "Edits on the Rocks 01" - Soultronic 

To round it all off heres a straight-up but stripped-down feel good wonder to set y'all off on the right note. Available for purchase on Bandcamp (support dem artists!!! <3 <3). 

Aaaaaaaand here's the whole playlist. Boom. Instant happiness.

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