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Cannabis For Dogs? Yeah, it's a thing

How Your Dog Can Benefit From Cannabis
Dog's get stressed too!

Dog's get stressed too!

It's been clear for some time that cannabis is a hugely beneficial medicinal plant, and now that medical marijuana has been legalized in 28 states, more people can safely use this plant-based medicine without fear of prosecution. Given this new widespread appeal many people wonder if their pets can benefit from cannabis too, and the answer is yes they can, but they need a different form of cannabis than the kind you can pick up at the dispensary.

A special kind of cannabis for dogs, developed by vets from the hemp plant, allows your dog to experience the relief that cannabis can deliver, but because this is a low THC form of cannabis, your dog won't be exposed to any of the potential risks inherent with the regular strains. What's more, this type of cannabis is legal throughout the country!

Recreational cannabis is high in THC which is the substance that gives marijuana its psychotropic effects, and low in CBD, the beneficial medicinal substance. Hemp is just the opposite. It's high in CBD and low in THC.

Hemp Plant

Hemp Plant

Hemp Helps Reduce Anxiety

Dogs can experience anxiety under a variety of circumstances, such as being left alone during the working day, being shut away from the rest of the family (their pack), or being exposed to new people or something they've developed a phobia toward. And when they're anxious, not only are they distressed, they can also be destructive and aggressive, which invariably worsens the situation.

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For some dogs with anxiety, a gentle dose of the pet-safe form of cannabis will be enough to calm them down and alleviate the stress that they feel. Other dogs with more pronounced anxiety issues may need to follow a program of gradual desensitization exercises. Cannabis for dogs can be helpful here too, because desensitization is much more effective if the dog is calm and relaxed during the process.

Hemp Boosts Immune System Health

A strong immune system is vital for your dog. A healthy immune system fights off infection and responds quickly to dangerous changes in the body that ultimately lead to cancer. Hemp is rich in antioxidants—free radical neutralizers that prevent the cell damage which leads to disease. Adding cannabis to your dog's daily routine can also help to alleviate allergies and enable your pet to stop taking the drugs which keep them under control.

And It Even Reduces Joint Pain

As dogs age, they become increasingly susceptible to stiffness and joint pain which significantly impacts their quality of life. One way to help alleviate this pain is to feed your dog a raw food diet. A raw food diet eliminates carbohydrates; a significant factor in the inflammation which worsens joint pain. This diet is very simple to transition to, simply feed your dog fresh meat and bones.

A canine cannabis supplement is complimentary addition to this feeding regime. Cannabis for dogs further reduces inflammation and supports healthy joints, allowing your dog to regain mobility and his zest for life.

Before giving your dog any new supplement you should satisfy yourself of its safety and quality. Any supplement vendor should have a certificate of analysis (COA) available so that you can verify the product's exact constituents and its purity. If you have any concerns about giving your dog a hemp supplement, you should seek guidance from your vet.

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