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Danielle Clough, AKA Fiance Knowles, Recycles Objects to Depict Images of Pop Culture

Castle Fitzjohns in NY will be showing her for the first time in NY in the fall.
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Everything in our world is turning towards recycling and re-utilizing old materials and bringing in new life. As people begin to realize that the old saying, 'one man's trash is another man's treasure,' can be true, our world is slowly changing for the better. 

Within the art world though, the found object style of crafting work has been prevalent for a while and artist Danielle Clough, AKA Fiance Knowles, has become a massive name in South Africa for her artistic endeavors. All of her work is currently sold out, but she'll be presenting a collection in New York's Castle Fitzjohns in the Fall and have given a couple of preview photos on what to expect. 

From Basquiat to birds, nothing is off-topics to the talented embroidery artist. 

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