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The Spanish brand comes back to its origins with a new sound system focused on club shows that actually are redefining the market.
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Valencian company DAS AUDIO is one of the most important world manufacturers of speakers, power amplifiers, signal processors and related components. These products have been outstanding professional audio's kingdom and being used by the greatest artists surrounding some well-regarded venues all over the world. For celebrating 40 years of innovation and experience in professional sound the brand is releasing new speakers Sound Force Series, oriented to the most demanding and highest level clubs with extraordinary, powerful and raised sound quality but also owning such a stunning avant-garde design.

The new complete series are composed of nine models for all kind of spaces and necessities, including mid-high, mid-low, subwoofers and DJ monitors options.


The SF-112 is a three-way system designed for high-level dance clubs. Two large format fiberglass horns comprising the mid and high-frequency sections dominate the front of the cabinet. Crisp, articulate and loud, define the SF-112. Twin bullet tweeters mounted on the front provide the ultra high-frequency reproduction required for dance systems.

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The SF-158 3-way, a full-range system designed to provide the Sound Force series with a powerful stand-alone solution. A horn loaded 15″ bass, and an 8″ mid-range in a bullet-type loading device handle the low to mid range. The M-75N neodymium compression driver provides an exceptionally high-frequency reproduction. The SF-158 can be used in either the vertical or horizontal position thanks to its rotatable mid-high horn assembly. Selectable biamp or triamp operation is possible.

The SF-26 employs 6” woofers for low-frequency reproduction and an M-34 compression driver which provides brilliant highs. Precise coverage and control in either the horizontal and vertical position is possible, thanks to the symmetrical 80º horn geometry. The accessories allow multiple configurations while the SF-10 employs a single 10” woofer for low-frequency reproduction and an M-60N compression driver with neodymium magnet assembly that provides brilliant highs.

The new SF-Monitor is a powered DJ monitor system which comprises two parts, the SF-20A powered mid-high unit and the SF-1521A, an innovative two-way low-frequency system. Specially designed stacking hardware allows the SF-20A to be mounted on the SF1521A subwoofer and angled at the DJ's preference. The SF-Monitor is a true plug and play system. The audio signal can be sent to the SF-1521A directly from the DJ mixer and then looped to the SF-20A thanks to the system presets located on the SF-20A and SF-1521A which align the two units without the need of an external DSP.

Finally, we found the system's core, which consists of the four channel D.A.S 100, regulated by the DAS DSP2060A or DSP4080 digital processors to ensure the best possible performance.

All the boxes are made up using a birch plywood, strong construction, and ISO-flex enduring coating. Red and black are the standard colours that you can change under a preview order. Clearly a top system for the most demanding clubs...

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