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 The antics from last time

Uhhhhhhh. Sex sounds you will be making because today, we have a wicked giveaway to frolic hand-in-hand down the road with our chart. 

As if the top 10 alone wasn't bad man enough - we have Delta Heavy's "Kill Room / Bar Fight" vinyl to give away in celebration of the RAM Spotify playlist's quarter century birthday!! Twenty-five and never been kissed... or something. ANYWAY! To be in to win, jam me an email on with the subject: "Delta Hot N Heavy" - answer the following question correctly:

The RAM Records Spotify Playlist is turning:

a) 25
b) 21
c) 13
d) Blue

[Comp drawn Friday 3, March GMT]

Then go congratulate yourself on a job well done by assaulting (in a fun way) your ear drums here:

Now onto the chart!

"Second Chance" - SpectraSoul [Ish Chat]

Not that Spectra have ever needed a second chance before in their lives BUT here it is, fresh from their new EP titled just that.

"Kaleidoscope" - Delta Heavy [RAM Records]

The dastardly remix of this tune (by someone great) is burning a hole in my inbox currently. Squirming in my eagerness to share it with you!!

"Pulling Teeth" - Trei ft. Insomniax [Viper Recordings]

Take it from someone who has had many teeth pulled (6 if I'm boasting) the experience of listening to this particular track - is a similar shock to the system. 

"Noise Of The Machine" - Gydra [C4C Recordings]

Don't know who Gydra are but they have pulled it out of the bag here and I am going to find out...

Okay, they're Russian. This is the extent of my investigative journalism.

Recommended Articles

"Thug Killer"  - Drumsound & Bassline Smith [Technique Recordings]

Going big (not going home) on their first Technique release of 2017. Smashed it.

"Shall We Begin" - Mind Vortex [RAM Records]

Yes, Mind Vortex, yes we shall!!

"We Got It (S.P.Y Remix) - Metrik ft. Rothwell [Hospital Records]

Hospitality in the Park is COMING BACK. This summer. S.P.Y is completely channeling the vibes for that event in this remix - shimmery vibes goes back-to-back with hard mayhem.

"Outatime (Pt. 2)" - Cyantific [Viper Recordings]

Chop it up, smash it and reverse it - Metrik has gone to the sewing machine with his Beatport #1 banger 'Outatime' and slapped some fresh seams on it.  

"Taiga (Urbandawn Remix) - Reso [Hospital Records]

Brazilian baditude from Urbandawn who has taken liberties on this Reso track which features in the 'We Are 21' compilation. 

"Surge" - Killbox [RAM Records]

What do you get when you smoosh Audio up against Ed Rush (no I'm not talking about dry humping) an intimidating name befitting an intimidating sound. Get it up ya!

Another playlist - you're spoilt aren't ya!

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