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Editors Keys Has Your New Macbook Pro Covered With Their Logic Pro X Shortcuts

Protection and efficiency are the name of the game with the company's latest cover
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When we last spoke of Editors Keys, we showed you all the various options the company gives you to dramatically speed up your workflow, whilst providing coverage for against dust and spillage. They come in all kinds of different layouts, whether for DAWs, Photoshop, or just to add a bit of color. Being a company focused on keeping up with the times, the company has released new versions of their Logic Pro X, Final Cut X, and Adobe Creative Cloud covers for the latest Touchbar line of Macbook Pros. Seeing as I had just gotten a demo Macbook Pro to test out, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to give it a go. 


The new Editors Keys cover in action

Predictably, the cover fit perfect, with all the different shortcuts were all clearly legible. I hadn't used Logic in probably 5+ years, so being able to find exactly what I needed helped my workflow and relearning process massively. The colors are tasteful, with a pallet of mostly black and a touch of red, green, blue and grey highlighting what I've dubbed layering shortcut keys. Think cmd, option, shift, and ctrl. One major gripe I did have was that the backlit keyboard doesn't shine through, making producing in the dark a bit more of a challenge. Not a make or break situation, as each key is labeled in white. Additionally, there are other descriptions written on each key which corresponds to whatever layering key you are pressing. 

Remembering all of a DAW's shortcuts can be an extremely daunting task, but being able to have every single one at your fingertips takes the pressure off, and allows you to speed up your editing or production process greatly. If you are a Logic user with a new Macbook Pro, this cover is definitely for you. Ableton and all other DAWs are coming in the future. 

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