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Does it get much better than a FREE compilation of 20+ tracks? London-based collective known for their parties and mixes, eatmybeat, have provided us with just that. 

The comp. opens up with a beautiful soundscape track by up and coming UK artist AerotoninUK, acting as the perfect intro to a 21 track journey. Track number two follows with an old-school electro sound meets house vibe by a mysterious producer that we cannot seem to find more information on besides this facebook page, by the robotic name of Groovetronic. Track three continues the awesome soundscape vibe by another UK producer with the fitting name Sensai.

Now we can go ahead and describe the compilation track by track, however, this body of work is best consumed as a journey discovered with an open mind with minimal context. Many of the tracks are fitting to different DJ's across the genre board, making it a very diverse release. Checkout Magnetic's favorites from the compilation below:

Groovetronic - Grindin' (Intergalactic Party Mix)

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