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French Label Skryptöm Release Compilation To Celebrate 10 Years of Techno

The compilation will be out in April and feature Truncate, Laurent Garnier, Paul Nazca, and more.

If you have ever ventured to Paris for a night of dancing and techno, or if you have spent the night hunting for new music, then surely you know the name Skryptöm, a French label run by techno artist Antoine Husson, aka Electric Rescue. Over the 10 years since Skryptöms inception in 2007, we have seen some of the most influential European techno artist release tracks on the label. Names like Zadig, Traumer, Moteka, Laurent Garnier and of course Electric Rescue have help to give this label an icon sound. The label has also thrown parties in the famous Rex Club where Parisians and a larger international audience have got to see first-hand just what the label is all about, with huge names like Truumer, Rrose, Cleric, Xhin and Alan Fitzpatrick having played alongside label owner Electric Ruscue.

The labels 10 year anniversary see a very special compilation, which pays homage to loyal fans, giving them what can only be described as a Christmas wish list of artists contributing to this very special compilation. Moteka, Leghan, Zadig, Truncate and Laurent Garnier all feature on the comp, along with the labels own Kmyle, Maxine Dangles, Paul Nazca, and of course, Electric Guest himself. 

Skryptöm's Ten Year Compilation, titled Skryptöm 10Y, will be released sometime in April. Check out the tracklist below. 

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01. Laurent Garnier - Electric Djedi Disco Biscuit
02. Inigo Kennedy - Placation
03. Wlderz - Everything
04. Truncate - Ideas
05. Maxime Dangles - Our Own Choices
06. Kmyle - Athmos
07. Scan X - Stage Ready
08. Zadig - The Hadron’s Trail
09. Leghau - Timeless
10. Paul Nazca - Neuk
11. Roman Poncet - Caje
12. Johannes Heil - Obfuscator
13. Moteka - Asketyll
14. Electric Rescue - Together 

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