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From the Streets to Working With Frank Ocean, Kohh's New Documentary Explores His Unique Life

Explore the elusive rapper's life in Tokyo and beyond.
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Kohh has become a leading face in the East Asian trap scene, and his work has garnered attention all across the globe, including most recently, Frank Ocean, which lead to him dropping a guest verse on "Nikes" (on an extended version). The result has been world wide interest of the often elusive character. A new documentary aims to take a look at the rising talent, and while it explores so much of what makes him one of Trap's most exciting artists, the documentary still leaves much open to interpretation. 

The mini-documentary is shot in a stunning style that gives tribute to their mysterious subject-matter, and the resulting work makes Kohh more intriguing that ever. His troubled life in Japan makes him an amazing subject to explore, and we're sure to find out more as his fame increases. 

The full article can be found here, via Dazed Digital, and watch the documentary below.  

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