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Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream Returns to Keansburg, New Jersey!

Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream returns to Keansburg, New Jersey, and Early Bird Tickets are on Sale Now!

Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream returns with its 2017 edition in Keansburg, New Jersey. If you live on the Northeast Coast and are unfamiliar with the festival, then you should consider making the trip down to the Jersey state and checking it out. Last year I was fortunate enough to take the trip down and it was a wonderfully satisfying mini-escape in a what is otherwise, an unexpected location of choice. 

Their line-up had the likes of Davi, Oona Dahl, the Desert Hearts crew including Deep Jesus, Tara Brooks, and Lee Reynolds. They had art installations, art vendors, pyro-performers and even mermaids! The quiet town of Keansburg, NJ hosted this event at hELLO Beach and it was awesome in all its simplicity. 

The origins of Gratitude Migration is one of kind heart and the desire to share a weekend with wonderful people while bringing some life back to a community affected by Hurricane Sandy. Two natives from the Burner community wanted to create an event that invites artistic and musical minds alike to help promote and bring back life into hELLO beach after its post-Sandy remodeling. They follow the same ethos commonly held by the Burning Man festival and community. There is a place for everyone amongst their themed campsites along the beach, even one for families with children!

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If you live on the East Coast, I highly recommend grabbing one of their Early Bird tickets on sale today and having yourself a little vacay this July 14th - 16th! 


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