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Hopsin and Kung Fu Vampire Come Together in Animated Music Video

Get "Turnt Up" With Their 2013 track.

Style, without a doubt, is more important in hip hop than in any other music general, what you rep says a lot about your style. Whether it’s all about the music, the lyrical flow, the girls, the cars, money, hard up, falls from grace, or just a chance at a better life, every hip hop artist has something unique to say and this song is no different. "Turnt up" by Kung Fu Vampire and Hopsin breaths pure style in this manner, and both rappers bring their own unique flavour to their first collab.

Kung Fu Vampire is undoubted in his lyrical ability, flowing from a steady step and spitting with pure venom, while Hopsin’s smooth and steady rap shows an air of a master at work, staying true to his mission statement of “keeping easy from turning in his grave”. The video captures perfectly the style of each rapper and warrants a shout out to the animator Rage Art (Khazakstan), capturing the persona of the two of them respectively. The mixing and mastering by Chris PAxton helps add an air of class with creepy undertones, which extentuates the two rappers flow. 

The Single is out now and available on iTunes.

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