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Heart Nightclub has been gaining steam in Miami for their marathon sets. Booking legendary DJs like Solomun and The Martinez Brothers for 10-20 hours at a time, the club is quickly becoming the place to go to see the brightest underground musicians of today do their best work. 

We sat down with the club's talent buyer Travis Rogers about why their nightclub is quickly becoming the club to perform at. 

How did you start your career in the electronic music business? 

I started a little over 10 years ago selling tickets for various clubs throughout Miami, and spent a majority of that time working with Club Space and moving up the ranks ending my time there as artist relations and assisting their talent buyer at the time Louis Diaz, who really guided me and opened a lot of doors in my career.

What is the best part of the business? 

The ability to work with artists that I’m truly a fan of makes my job extremely easy. Meeting new people who do what we do and exchanging ideas.

What are the biggest challenges? 

The hours! Working late hours for events then having to bounce back to normal day hours to book artists and prepare for shows can really take a toll on you. This is also a 24/7 job no matter what, even when I’m on vacation. If you’re truly disconnected, then you are giving your competition the upper hand. I guess our only real break is on international flights.


What career advice would you recommend to someone just starting off? 

Don’t give up! It’s a brutal and tough business and at most times you feel like you’re not growing. It takes a long time to build your brand and your reputation. There’s a reason why in most markets there are only a few real players.

As the EDM industry continues to grow, what do you think the secrets to longevity in this business will be? 

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On the aspect of music, I personally think the fans are more educated than ever. The artists will really have to be creative and take risks to stand out. Actually, on our side I think it’s pretty much the same. Take the risks and sometimes you lose, but sometimes you win and those wins aren’t forgotten.

Did you start off as a fan of electronic music and then became involved on the business side, or did business bring you into the electronic music world? Describe that process. 

Honestly, my start in this business began because I was going out so much and burning so much money, that I started selling tickets for the sole reason to get in for free to the shows I wanted to attend. A few months later, I realized I was pretty good! Then I just kept growing, but back then I had no idea this would ever be a career. I was just having fun.


What does electronic music mean to you? 

The term EDM is thrown around loosely these days but back in the day it really defined anything made with a computer or having a very digital sound. Now a days, it seems to be the branding for the more commercialized music. To me, it doesn’t matter much how it’s labeled. The music I listen to, is music I like. Labels are overrated.

What cities/regions do you think electronic dance music is best thriving? 

Miami being my home, will always be number one for this, at least in the USA I think we do it better than anyone of my competitions included. New York, LA, Texas and Chicago are also all killing it. Europe without question is a must. It’s hard to pin-point a single place though, as it seems like every time I open a blog, there’s something amazing I want to attend. I feel like I need to retire to see it all.

If you weren’t in the music biz, what would you be doing? I ask myself this everyday, as I wonder what I will do next if I ever decide to move on. Honestly, I love graphic design and marketing and I still do it daily, but if I wasn’t in this business I would love to do that full-time.

Where do you see the most opportunity in the EDM industry (i.e. Music, experience, nightclubs, behind the scenes, etc) and why? 

Networking is the most important thing in our business. The more relationships you have, the more you can accomplish. Attend as much as possible and don’t be shy. 

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