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Interview: From the Party to the Dancefloor, Ascendants Are Masters Of Music and Nightlife

They've also remixed Fever 105's "American Surface."

Ascendants comprise of Vijaya and Shaan, who were previously known for their work crafting Neon Liger, a legendary electronic music party in Florida. They've since shifted their focus onto their duo production work, and the result has them conquering the world of production in 2017. 

Their unique history had left us wanting to ask so many questions about everything they've been doing in the last few years, and when we had the opportunity to interview them, we had to learn more. 

From their time running parties in Florida, to learning not to let opportunities slip them by, we learn about their unique story below! 

Hey Ascendants, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. You've chosen to remix "American *Surface," a track that told the story of a boy in Harlem. What prompted you guys to remix this track? 

We were given the opportunity to remix a track of our choosing from the recent Homerun House - Hall of Fame compilation. We listened to every song multiple times but it was obvious after the first listen of Fever 105’s "American Surface" that it was going to be our choice. Besides being big fans of the vocal it also made the most sense since the other tracks were mostly uptempo house records

You first rose to prominence with your legendary parties in Florida. What were the biggest challenges you found in shifting from creating parties to creating music? Simultaneously, what have been the biggest achievements? 

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Actually a lot of that happened simultaneously. Since there was 2 of us working on music and I had my team that helped with the execution of events, it was all pretty well balanced. There was definitely a period of time that I found myself neglecting the parties in favor of music, but for the most part we juggled it well. The biggest achievement event wise would be the Neon Liger party which went on for 7 years every single Saturday and now lives as a yearly reunion festival on the anniversary date. Musically, this project is still new and has been marinating the last couple years but we had a previous one that we retired. Nothing incredibly massive happened but we did have a couple small licensing deals including a video game sync and made it on the Best of Jefree’s Vol. 1 compilation.

If you could go back in time to give yourself advice on how to survive the music industry, what would you want to let yourself know? 

This wouldn’t necessarily be survival advice but there’s definitely things I would do differently in both the music creation and event production world. Better marketing tactics, never take something away without adding some comparable, never take anything for granted, hire a good publicist early on, and keep social media clean, simple, and precise while initiating efficient growth tactics. We definitely let some opportunities slip by but it was all a learning experience and I don’t think either of us would change a thing.

You two are known for your high curation standards. What artists are you guys currently checking out/who should we have our eyes on in the music world? 

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Solardo for the past year, and I think the next couple of months are going to be defining for them. They have a distinct sound that’s prevalent in all of their records but it’s also unique enough that a lot of the big house guys love playing them out. It’s a nice mix or organic tribal drums, fantastic worldly vocal samples, combined with their energetic basslines that really light up a dance floor. Other current favorites include Melee, Lexa Hill, Moscoman, Jesse Perez, Red Axes, and our good friend Durante.

What can we expect from you in 2017? 

We're sitting on a decent amount of music, it’s just one of those situations where you have to wait for the appropriate time and outlet. A couple years ago we would have just thrown every finished product immediately on SoundCloud without giving it a second thought. This time around we have a small team with us and are treating it like a game of chess; calculated, strategic moves that are to the best of our abilities. We have an original out in March on LAMP (Los Angeles Music Project) as well a Miami Music Week (WMC) date to announce. 

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