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Dusky, the UK duo, have been having a great last couple of years. Their debut album has reached critical and fan acclaim and their live show have reached similar popularity. With that in mind, we sat down with the duo to learn more about what's to come when they come across the pond in March to debut their live show in the US, as well as to learn about what songs influenced their new album, Outer

Playlist Tracklist: 

You are Here(Live Remix)- Nathan Fake

Melt- Leftfield

Nothing Left 1- Orbital

Learning to Fly (Original Mix)- Mathew Jonson

An Accident In Paradise- Sven Vath

Callisto- Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy

No UFO’s (Vocal)- Model 500

Back Side Of the Moon- The Orb

Can You Feel It- Mr. Fingers

The Mirror Ball Cracked- Pye Corner Audio

Hey Dusky, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! You guys are getting ready to head out on the US tour. What can people expect to see and hear?

We’re debuting our live show at Brooklyn’s Warsaw and on the main stage at CRSSD festival in San Diego, which is very much a live representation of our recent album ‘Outer’ with some of our favourite Dusky tracks in there alongside.

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In terms of those live shows, we’ve got a big lighting rig and lots of visuals that we commissioned which form a big part of the experience, but there’s also the introduction of us performing our music live to the crowd - which is very different to what we’ve done before and very different to what our fans have seen in the past.

It’s been a new experience for us, nerve-wracking in places, but also really satisfying to be able to perform and play your own music entirely for over an hour and have your biggest fans come with you on that journey. The response to the shows in the UK has been great, and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes down in the states.

To go along with that, you two are UK based. What differences do you notice in playing to a US-based crowd versus in the UK or in the rest of Europe?

There’s always local differences and quirks in every country and every city, but overall the US crowds we’ve played to over the last have been brilliant.

There are good pockets of clued-up underground scenes, and lots of brilliant small and mid-capacity clubs that go along with that, but also a booming festival market - where we’ve had great experiences playing various festival stages at everything from more leftfield boutique events like III Points in Miami and Buku in New Orleans to the big EDM type events.

2016 say you release your LP ‘Outer’. Now that you're a couple months out, what lessons did you learn in how to make a LP versus a smaller project?

Writing an album is always a big undertaking and is obviously more expansive in scope that just putting out club singles alone. But it’s a process that we have always enjoyed in the main as it offers opportunities to develop your artistic identity and take your sound to new places. We’ve only really worked with full vocals on our album projects too, and the chance to work with artists we’ve respected for years - whether someone like Gary Numan or Wiley - is always an exciting experience.

Overall, it’s been great to have ‘Outer’ out there and see our biggest fans respond positively to the project. The music from ‘Outer’ also gave birth to our live show, as a lot of it didn’t fit obviously into our DJ sets, so that’s been another positive. It’s developed us artists and allowed us to show sides of our sound that people not might expect, which is always healthy.

You've been in the music business for a while now, and undoubtedly had your fair share of frustrations throughout at every level. How do you maintain positivity and keep your outlook positive when you hit roadblocks?

You hit roadblocks in every walk of life and ultimately we’re in a pretty good position - it’s a lot of fun making music with a mate and then traveling the world to DJ or perform it!

In terms of the obstacles, the day to day challenges often force you into new artistic directions and can end up producing the best creative results. In many ways, you just need to roll things, keep pushing yourselves forward as artists as best you can and see where things land.

Finally, what can people expect from you for the rest of 2017?

Once the album tour is done, we’re looking forward to getting our heads down in the studio and writing some more club music for our DJ sets and 17 Steps label. We’ve got a couple of things down, some of which we’ve been roadtesting in our recent DJ sets.

17 Steps is going to be a big focus for us over the year and we’re always looking for new music for the label. 

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