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LANDR Announces Most Powerful Mastering Engine Yet

The online mastering company says Lydian is a major sonic improvement
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After recently surpassing the milestone of 4 Million tracks mastered, LANDR has applied everything it's learned from those mastered tracks and has given its engine a major overhaul. The company has named it Lydian, and has upgraded all current users to the new engine for free. Such improvements include expanded 3D stereo imaging, thus giving your tracks massive presence, punch, and definition. Precise processing adds an overall fuller sound. Lydian is now better at handling softer, acoustic tracks. LANDR says the update opens up their services to creaters of classical, jazz, and even movie score composers. 


On top of this, CNBC has listed the company as part of their Upstart 25, a list of the 25 newest, brightest startup companies of today. LANDR's founder Pascal Pilon had this to say, “We’re thrilled to be included in CNBC’s Upstart 25 list. It’s an honor to be mentioned alongside some of the biggest and most exciting names in tech. And with the release of our new mastering engine, the timing couldn’t be better.”

For a limited time, LANDR is giving all new registers 2 free wav masters on their accounts.

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