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Layton Giordani's 'Where it Begins' Album Is the Techno Album You Need This Week

Layton Giordani Debut Album on Drumcode.
Layton Griordani Where it Begins Album

Swedish techno label Drumcode has been a beacon of light since Adam Bayer formed the label over two decades ago. Known for its forward thinking and cutting edge techno productions, Drumcode has been releasing a steady stream of heavy hitting techno master pieces from some of the biggest names in the industry. Adam has a clear mission for the label, while releasing the big name artist; he also has an eye on the future of techno bringing the newest talents into the limelight, a light we now shine on Layton Giordani for his debut album.

Born in New York, Giordani quickly found his way to the EU and gained recognition back in 2014. His debut release came via Drumcode with his track “Rivington” on the A-Sides Vol5 compilation in 2016. The talented producer is quickly blossoming into one of techno’s prestige talents, displaying his character though performances worldwide and now, through his latest project, Where it Begins.

The record consists of twelve original tracks integrating hypnotic synths, deep dark bass lines, crisp claps, vocal hooks and big drops to give a mercurial atmosphere, fluidly changing from a creepy vibe, to an abundance of energy. 

The album is out now and available through Beatport here.

Track List

01. Escalate Original Mix

02. Where It Begins Original Mix

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03. Turn It Around Original Mix

04. Supernova Original Mix

05. Fire Eyes Original Mix

06. Silver Shadows Original Mix

07. Sometimes Original Mix

08. Euphoria Original Mix

09. Dragon Fly Original Mix

10. Tigerlilly Original Mix

11. Good Violence Original Mix

12. Where It Begins (Outro) Original Mix

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