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Let AIAIA Build You The Perfect Headphone Based On Your Music Tastes

The Danish company takes the guess work out of buying your next pair of headphones
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AIAIAI, creators of the modular TMA-02 headphones, announces today the next step in headphone buying experience. Using the power of Spotify, the company has created an incredibly fun and simple way of finding the perfect headphone based on your listening habits. When you connect your account, it reads the data from your Discovery Weekly playlist, which is based on the artists and pages you follow, and then pieces together what it thinks to be the ideal outcome. 

Once you have connected your account, you will be redirected to a to the start page. Once there, you can explore either the Genres, moods, tempos or just go straight to the resulting headphones. 

What's more is that when clicking on one of the objects on each page, it brings up a list of playable tracks in each category, which in turn help with your musical "discovery". Get it?...because like...right, moving on...

Each track gives a short preview when clicked

Each track gives a short preview when clicked

This is a truly clever way to buy your next set of headphones. It's easy to use and takes the guesswork out of trying to decide which pair most suits your needs. And if you're curious about what makes each component different, they have descriptions of each piece. As I've said before, headphones are a very personal thing. Everyone's tastes are different, and what suits one person won't suit another, but letting the music you love decide your next purchase may just be the way forward. 

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As a bonus, I've included my results below, which were...interesting to say the least...


I apparently have serious issues.

The above image is 100% legit. When I sent it to AIAIAI, they said they'd never seen such a result. Not sure what that says about me...


My headphone configuration.

To get started on your discovery session, click here. Be sure to let us know what your results are!

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