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Let's Save America, Shall We...

Rise up people, there is a lot at stake here and you have a voice. Let's HEAR IT!
China's Vertical Forrest Solution. Yeah, China is smoking us in innovation. Google it, :(

China's Vertical Forrest Solution. Yeah, China is smoking us in innovation. Google it, :(

Note: I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, I'm a moderate.

If you voted for Trump, I'm baffled to some degree but can sympathize with your position. You wanted disruption and change, and the Democrats lost the plot.

However, you now must take a hard look at what you have put into power.

This is not fake news that is coming to light, these are facts and untruths facilitated by your president uncovered by professional journalists, not charlatans.

Yes, there is an enormous amount of junk out there but if you have any common sense you can easily sift through it, trust media sources that have been around for decades like the Washington Post, NY Times, etc. They are employing good reporters and have a code of ethics, unlike this administration.

This is the most embarrassing failure of a president that this nation has ever seen to my knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong but even Bush and Nixon shine compared to this moron.

He has fractured the nation, insulted our citizens and imposed executive orders that are not even well thought out. Have you EVER seen protests of this magnitude? NO.

His team is a joke, his people are resigning, and the world is laughing at this country that we all love so very much. This clown is in WAY over his head.

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Own your mistake, and call your senators and raise hell, because there is a LOT to lose here for everyone.

Our civil liberties.

The integrity of our constitution.

Our dignity as a country and our place in the global economy.

Our planet. We are going to see some of the most catastrophic environmental disasters happen right in front of us in the next 10 years, this is unfixable, but we can adjust the right way to start to heal this planet from our pollution. It's already happening, just dig a little, and you will find some very unsettling and gut-wrenching facts. We owe it to the next generations to take on some sacrifice, some inconvenience for this poor management of our planet.

I have no patience or sympathy for coal workers, or steel workers or ancient crafts or antiquated thinking. It is OVER, and unless our workforce realizes this, we as a country are OVER. If you think fossil fuel is still a viable source of energy, maybe you will change your mind when the coasts are ripped apart from storms caused by global warming, or when fracking or pipelines destroy your town.

China is already crushing us in solar, they are building skyscraper forests in their cities, while we frack and bitch about jobs. Google it, you will be amazed at what they are doing right under our noses.

America, it's time to stand up, shut up, and roll the sleeves up. Impeach this douche and get down to the business at hand, saving our planet, stabilizing this country and giving it the love and respect it deserves.

This electronic music community is strong, its voice can be STRONG. So maybe it's time, to be STRONG. 


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