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Winter x Summer Mahabis, year round comfort and style

I, like many of you, was bombarded on Facebook with the Mahabis advertising and eventually broke down and clicked the link. I'm a sucker for high design, great packaging and stylish products like this so I decided to investigate. 

I got two pairs to review, the classic and the summer version. 

The Mahabis slipper/shoe comes in three main styles: Classic, Summer, and Luxe. 

Mahabis Classic

Mahabis Classic 

The Classic is the original design with a very breathable wool lining that keeps you nice and warm yet still breathes well, so you don't get sweaty feet. I typically haven't been able to wear slippers with this type of material, but the Mahabis works and keeps my feet warm and cool. 

mahabis summer

The Summer - feel the cool

The Summer model is a more breathable version with the same style but no wool, so your feet are kept cool in the warmer months. 

The Luxe is the same as the classic, but the outer is leather rather than fabric. I don't have a pair of these so cannot vouch for the leather quality but if it's anything like the construction of the classic I'm sure it's nice. 

So let's get into it shall we, below are my breakdowns on what I assume would be the FAQs. 

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Design and comfort. 

These details are what caught my eye, to begin with, a very stylish slipper shoe with great design. The interchangeable snap-on outsole system is super clever and allows you to switch them out when dirty or if you are just tired of the color and want a refresh. This also allows you to wear them outside of the house on occasions, like traveling, casual gatherings, etc. 

To me, they look like a pair of Scandinavian Vans and look cool with a pair of slim jeans and a solid tee. The thing I love most about the Mahabis is their potential for comfortable and stylish travel. 

Durability and Uses

Out of the box, the Mahabis feel very sturdy and well built, the packaging is slick and what you would expect from a $100 pair of slipper shoes. 

The primary use for these is probably a comfortable house shoe that can take light trips to the store, mailbox and other simple outings. For me, they are an essential travel companion that can fold up easily into your bag and let you cruise around the airport in comfort and style. 


For some these might come in a little high for a pair of knock around shoes which I can understand, but if you are a traveler or can't stand corny slippers that make your feet sweat profusely the price is well worth it for the comfort and overall functionality. 

Check out their site here. 

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