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Moogfest Protests Trump's Legislation in Open Letter

The festival provides information on getting involved and reveals a protest stage.

Moogfest has always been a safe space for equality, love, and art and they have stood up in protest today over the actions of the new legislation being passed both in states and in the federal government under the new administration. 

In a new open letter sent out via their online newsletter and displayed on their website, the Moogfest team explain their role in the community and their need to speak out. They support the decision to protest and explain further that- 

"We are inspired by this movement and the spirit of those that came before it. The fight against inequality echoes our own mission to design radical instruments for change and reflects the legacy of Bob Moog, the inspiration behind Moogfest who believed that true innovation comes through collaboration, not exclusion. Moogfest is transformed, by the urgency of our times, and we invite you to keep marching with us into the future." 

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They also reveal ways to continue to peacefully protest, which include contacting North Carolina politicians to express concern and working with the ACLU. They have also revealed a protest stage, which will reveal its lineup in the coming weeks. 

More information about their letter can be found here. The festival will run from May 18-21 in Durham, NC. 

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