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Pop music better brace itself for Mozart's Sister. Her soon to be released Field of Love is going to make waves, and it's the type of wave you definitely want to be riding. Colorful, cartoonish but ever so earnest, Mozart's Sister is a musician ready to be on your radar. 

To get you primed for the Field of Love's release this Friday, Mozart's sister has delivered an exclusive magical mix to Magnetic Magazine. It's fun and full of life, vibrant to the point of brilliant. Put this mix on to soundtrack your day in the same way that being up at sunrise sets the best tone for you day.

This mix is poppy, and it's even got a bit of Kanye nestled away! Make today a great day, press play on Mozart's Sister's mix. Also, pre-order Mozart's Sister's Field of Love here!

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“I wrote Field of Love at a point when I truly did feel I was floating in a field of love. Once I got going the songwriting process happened very easily. As the songs came I realized: oh I really like these. There was a naivety to them and I felt like I could really cut loose when writing." - Mozart's Sister

And don't be a fool, check our Mozart's Sister's "Angel" music video to experience emotions from alternate realities!

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