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Go Cubes, Sprint and Yawn by Nootrobox

The energy and sleepy time cocktail by Nootrobox

In today's crazy multitasking world many of us need a little extra boost or even something to simmer us down and give us proper respite. 

Energy supplements and sleeping pills are nothing new, but many of them have nasty ingredients, bug you out or put you into a coma. So we all end up in a vicious cycle of too ramped up or too washed out. 

There is a new game in town (at least for some of us), and they are called Nootropics also known as smart drugs. These are blends (or stacks as they are called in Nootropics) of ingredients that are used to boost cognitive performance and improve stamina. 

The guys at Nootrobox understood that the world of Nootropics was a bit intimidating to most people and far too complicated. The primary users are much like hardcore gamers or PC enthusiasts who mod their gear to get the most out of it, but instead of gear, they are modifying their brain. 

Sounds a bit scary, but the basics are pretty scientific, safe and make sense. 

I got a batch of products from Nootrobox including GoCubes, Sprint, Yawn and their Nootropics blends Rise and Kado - which I will cover in another post as the effects take a couple of weeks to manifest. 

If you are interested in other Nootropics check out our article on KATY the supplement for nightlife and festival fans


Let's start with GoCubes 

The idea of gummy coffee was kind of exciting, it was like astronaut coffee, and I was intrigued, to say the least. What was more alluring was the fact that you would get all the benefits of coffee without the irritability that comes from higher caffeine doses. Aka the grumpy short tempered too much coffee effect. 

The cubes come in packs of 4 which is great for a day of moderate caffeine intake, each cube is about the equivalent of one half cup of joe or 50 mg. 

So I started my day with two cubes and chased the cubes down with a glass of almond milk to make a kind of on the go latte in my mouth. Yes, that sounds gross but it was actually fine and a lot easier than eating them straight up, which wasn't my thing. So yeah they taste exactly like coffee in a gummy form with a touch of sweetness but still probably a bit intense for most people.

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Flavors: Mocha, Latte and Pure Drip 

Verdict: GoCubes work incredibly well, are easy to take with you and are priced pretty reasonably at about $1.60 a pack (4 x cubes or 2x cups of coffee). The taste is intense and I highly suggest an almond milk or similar chaser, but the effects are much better than straight coffee or any energy drink out there. Highly recommended for those that need that morning or mid afternoon kickstart. 



If you are looking for a burst of energy and clarity to get that gnarly project done then Sprint is a good solution. I started off with one pill (half the recommended dose) in the afternoon when my afternoon groggy started creeping in around 2 pm. After about 20 minutes or so I was back in the groove and alert, not overly jacked up but feeling more energized and able to dive back into my work. 

I've not taken two as I've never felt the need, one gets me over the hill and allows me to finsih out the day strong. 

Verdict: This is a great supplement for a variety of people and scenarios. If you are just looking for a quick pick me up a couple times a week when you are feeling tired, then one capsule should do the trick. They are roughly about 50 cents a pop so rather inexpensive as well compared to energy drinks and other lesser products. If you are cramming for a midterm, or trying to tackle a huge amount of work on a deadline, cranking up on these things would definitely do the job. Overall it's a supplement to be used when you really need it, not on a daily basis.  


Yawn = zZZZZZ


What goes up must come down. One thing you don't want to get caught up in is the roller coaster of uppers and downers as that's just not a good ride to be on. 

I've found that balancing out a sensible caffeine intake in the morning and drinking plenty of water will prevent you from caffeine induced insomnia. However, life does not always go to plan and having Yawn by your side makes things a bit easier when things get stressful. I've taken straight melatonin and it works ok but this blend has a more profound effect. 

Yawn comes in a smaller bottle of 10 capsules for $13.50 which is just around a buck a pop. Again this is a product that should be used when you are out of your normal routine and can't sleep, have jet lag or are staying up because of high stress levels. 

Verdict: I took one cap and within 20 minutes I was feeling the effects and nodding off to sleep. This is a phenomenal product for kickstarting the Zzzzs and I imagine it would be amazing on red eyes or after long trips through multiple time zones. 

I will always keep a bottle of this in my nightstand and in my travel kit. It's essential stuff for busy stressed out people that are constantly on the go. If you are a traveling DJ take note, this will save your ass. 

Check out Nootroboxes products here along with more information about the ingredients and their cool biohacking guide. My next article on the Rise and Kado-3 product will be coming in a couple weeks.

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