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Well, it's officially been settled. Close the books, call off the dogs and stop fretting, arguing or even thinking about it. At long last Sydney's Pantheon has conclusive evidence that confirms what we all were hoping - robots do in fact dance! 

Pantheon's latest release on his very own Unknown Records is a galactic techno groove fest that you and your robotic friends alike will love & adore. The lead track "Robots" sets this very Star Wars-esque vibe. Just press play and picture yourself in a dance party atop Jabba the Hutt's desert yacht as you're speeding out to toss a Jedi and his crew into a Sarlacc. It's techno, it's evocative, it's 7 plus minutes of groove and it's definitive Pantheon. 

Now, I will be the first to admit right now I might be a bit fixated by thoughts of a Galaxy far, far away with this release. But hear me out since we have this sort of theme going. The next track "Spaceships" seems like the type of tune R2D2 and C3PO would get down to with their metallic amigos when they are off the clock from dismantling the Empire bit by bit. Imagine it - strobe lights, neon lights, metal clanking and gyrating, android hips bumping and grinding. It's a Star Wars dance party and probably a very deep down unrealized dream come true for this Magnetic Mag writer!  

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We might not all get this very vivid George Lucas inspired imagery evoked by Pantheon's "Robots Dance" EP, but I assure you it's going to provoke you to groove in a way that feels very necessary nowadays. 

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