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Perc announces third album Bitter Music

'Bitter Music' will be out on April 28th via vinyl, CD and digital.

Perc has announced that he will be releasing a follow-up to his 2014 album The Power and the Glory. The new album, titled Bitter Music, was originally “a very inward-looking album” but quickly changed focus when “the extensive political change in the UK and around the world" erupted in recent days. 

The record also focuses extensively on live instrumentation, and sees Perc working in places like Eve Studios in Manchester. The press release for the record also promises that the album will be more focused on the dancefloor as well. 

Bitter Music will be out on April 28th via vinyl, CD and digital. Check out the tracklist below. 

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01. ‘Exit’
02. ‘Unelected’
03. ‘Wax Apple’
04. ‘Chatter’
05. ‘I Just Can’t Win’
06. ‘The Thought That Counts’
07. ‘Spit’
08. ‘Rat Run’
09. ‘Look What Your Love Has Done To Me’
10. After Ball’

A1. ‘Unelected’
A2. ‘Exit’
B1. ‘The Thought That Counts’
B2. ‘Wax Apple’
C1. ‘Spit’
C2. ‘Chatter’
D1. ‘Look What Your Love Has Done To Me’
D2. ‘After Ball’

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