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Shy Luv are comprised of two guys, Manchester duo Sam Knowles (aka Karma Kid) and Jake Norman (aka Armeria), and they've been taking the music world by storm for a minute now. Combining stunning lyrics over with catchy production, we knew they would have an equally great eye for curating the perfect Valentine's Day playlist. 

Check out their 10 favorite songs to celebrate love! 


Jessie Ware & Sampha - Valentine

This is probably one of the sweetest songs written in a long time. All of the sounds are beautiful and so well thought out; when Sampha comes in halfway through, it's just sublime.

James Blake - Wilhelm Scream

This was a really important song for us, especially Sam, everything James Blake makes is incredible and it was a toss-up between this and "lindesfarne" but this one resonates more with us and the message is so nice.

The White Lamp - It's You (Ron Basejam Remix)

A classic one for getting your sexy dance on, especially half way through when the chords come in.

Jai Paul - All Night

Probably one of our favourite albums ever, and one of our favourite tunes off that album.

Hot Chip - Look After Me

This is such a great song, "look after me, and I'll look after you." Is such and simple and lovely message for to say to someone.

Sleepy Brown - I Can't Wait (ft. Outkast)

The combo of sleepy brown and Outkast gives you a one way ticket to sexy city.

Taylor Mcferrin - Decisions (ft. Emily King)

We had the privilege of meeting Taylor at a Robert Glasper and Terrace Martin gig in LA last year and he was a lovely chap! We had to have one of his tracks in this list and it was a difficult choice, but Emily king has such a way of pulling our heart strings.

Floating Points - For Marmish

We've been big floating points fans for years but this album sonically blew us away. The way he uses space and silence is fantastic throughout.

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ToKimonsta - Gamble

We've always somehow managed to overlook Tokimonsta despite seeing her blow up around the world for the past few years but in the last few months this has been at the top of our sleep playlist and hasn't left our eardrums.

Jesse Boykins III - I Wish

Jesse Boykins has one of the most sick and interesting voices, really comes through on this.

Sade - Sweetest Taboo

We wanted to chuck some classic romancing tunes in there. Sade is as talented as she is beautiful that's for sure.

Hiatus Kaiyote - Fingerprints

Hiatus Kaiyote are a special band for us, they're always on the speakers at ours in Manchester, and we've seen them a couple of times and they've really blown us away. Fingerprints is a great, valentines song.

Bibio - Feeling

Bibio's music brings back very happy memories for us both growing up so we were delighted to hear new material last year and we definitely weren't disappointed. This track and Town & Country are gorgeous from the latest record.

Vulfpeck - Back Pocket

We got shown this tune recently by our friend Jodie Abacus, and haven't stopped listening to it since. The video is so cute as well.

Nick Hakim - I Bet She Looks Like You

So exciting to hear new music from one of our most played artists this week, the album is preordered already and I'm sure it will be on repeat as much as this tune has been for us.

Feist - One Evening

Feist is another amazing artist we have sadly neglected for a few years but our good friend lucy introduced us to this record and we both fell in love very quickly. Listening on headphones it sounds like she's whispering in your ear.

Shigeto - What U Really Needed Ft. Brandon Mitchell & Carlos Garcia

Would be really nice to hear some relaxed tracks from Shigeto soon, this is the Rhodes played to its most beautiful!

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