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Premiere: Hot Mom USA and Young Lyxx Celebrate Fashion Week With Their "Runway Raps"

Out on February 10 via Hot Mom USA.
Young Lyxx - Runway Raps Single Artwork

Just in time to catch the tail-end of NY Fashion Week, the guys at Hot Mom USA, the label run by DMC champion DJ Shiftee, are releasing a massive new track by Young Lyxx. The song, titled "Runway Raps," brings eloquent vibrancy and stunning energy, while still matching the high-class nature of the fashion world. 

On the production end, Mite noted-

“I had a chord progression that I loved in an older beat that I was kinda stuck on and I wanted to see if a heavily drum+bass influenced arrangement could work. Lyxx came to my studio after a photo shoot and we recorded 2 other songs. But then as he was leaving I played the loop to what became Runway Raps, and he said ‘hold up, I’m not leaving until I write to this song.’ We went in that session - walked away that night w/ 3 finished songs and more importantly the title track for the whole project.”

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... And on the track, Young Lyxx noted-

“That session was a real defining moment because that sparked the idea of the whole project and also set the tone of a unique sonic sound that we were going to be coming up with. I remember as soon as the bass came in i immediately started chanting “Runway Raps, all black all black on the runway jack” because the energy of the beat made me feel like I was fresh as fxck walking down a runway during fashion week. It just brings out the confidence in its listeners.”

The track will be out February 10th via Hot Mom USA. Check out the track below. 

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