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It's time to feel, ladies and gentlemen. It's time to feel something very special, all thanks to a very special premiere from San Francisco's very own Manics. We are very enthused to share our premiere of their latest release on their label Popgang Records is the synth heaven opus "Walk Without Me."

Now here is a track that is fantastic fun. It's complex and layered with wonderful intricacies, but at its core, it's just simply amazing. The Manics boys are throwing down their talents, and in doing so, it seems they may have transcended to a whole new level.

So, press play, and peruse the interview below to see what makes these Bay Area musicians tick! Also, don't miss them opening for MSTRKRFT for the Noise Pop Festival at Mezzanine!

You guys have just unleashed a BEAST of a new song, "Walk Without Me". It's big, it's bright and it's a fantastic tune - definitely one of my favorites of the year. What can you tell me about this track?

Yeah this track was a blast to make. It ended up only taking a few sessions and we wrapped it in about a week (which almost never happens for us). We made a point to write organic parts and not get carried away with production tricks so that it worked well in a live setting.

Where does it sit contextually in regards to the Manics greater catalogue?

It definitely falls in line with our melancholy party poppy sound. We take a lot of influence from 80’s new wave in sound and subject, while breathing modern aesthetics into it. So a lot of our music is upbeat and dancy, but with pensive lyrics and themes.

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Is there a Manics aesthetic?

Part of the weekend never dies.

At its core, what is Manics all about?

As artists and musicians, we both have very different backgrounds and inspiration pallets, yet the two of us seem to mesh very well together in this project. Originally the name came from our infatuation with the up-side of manic depression. Something like 1/3 of nobel laureate poets are manic-depressives; there’s a lot of creative energy that gets released when you’re in a manic state. When we started the project we definitely were party kids, and there’s this dichotomy that comes with being out all night clubbing and partying, followed by drained endorphins and sometimes questionable situations that that type of lifestyle can lead to. I guess we just wanted to bundle all of that into a sound.

If you had to sum Manics up in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

Partying the pain away.

Now your label, Popgang Records, what's popping on that front?

So much! “Walk Without Me” is the label’s 65th release. I still get goosebumps every time we hit a new multiple of 5. I’ll probably loose my shit when we hit 100. We’ve got a release lined up every 1-2 weeks or so for the foreseeable future so that’s rad. New stuff from artists like Niteppl, Pretty Handsome & Electric Treasure are on the way; but we’ve got a ton of new artists lined up that we’re excited about like Tuxedo Gleam, Natalio Bloom (from Hot Flash Heat Wave), RZN8R and more. Our 4 year anniversary is coming up in April so keep an eye out for a party or two to celebrate that.

The San Francisco scene is very proud of you two, and you are certainly an indelible feature. What are you thoughts on the San Francisco music scene?

We’ve taken a hit in the last few years, but that hasn’t stopped us. Yeah its stupid expensive to live here but there are still a lot of artists making it work. One thing you can say about the bay area music scene is the people in it are committed. People like Patrick Brown from Different Fur, Marco De La Vega at 120 Minutes and Mezzanine, Dirtybird (hello fuckin’ dirtybird), Aaron Axelsen at Live 105, Om Records/Monarch/Great Northern, HUSHconcerts, Lights Down Low crew, Audio SF/ Love+Propaganda, Eye Heart SF, Noise Pop, Lenny Kiser at Sequence One, Another Planet Entertainment, Matt Shapiro at Elbo Room, Primo/Jeremy Castillo/Vin Sol with Club Lonely, Outpost, Candy Rain, All of the bay artists we’ve worked with, shit the list goes on. 

All of these people help make up a community of artists and promoters that work on the daily to keep it alive. The truth is a lot of big names started or passed through the bay at some point. From Tupac to Tycho, creative people have called the bay home and it still continues to draw those spirits in.

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