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SXM Festival is steadily heading our way next month, and if you're dreaming of the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean like we are, we've got something for you! We teamed up with Tara Brooks, one of the talented artists performing at the event, to give you a preview of what the festival ahead will be like. Traversing the world of minimal techno, house, and techno, we can already feel the warm breeze and hot sun on our skin and we're spending a bit too much time daydreaming in our office. 

For tickets and more information about SXM, check out their homepage here

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Vento Luca Bacchetti (ENDLESS)

Luca’s Vento is a mystical magical journey, with splashes of desert vibes, brilliant strong strings, beautiful uplifting & twisted pads, creating a serene adventure, with of course the perfect dancing percussion, a touch of darkness & edge, to create this emotional moody experience. 

Hidden Brian Cid (Jon Charnis Remix) (Manjumasi)

I love that i can identify a Charnis track with his exquisite & interesting drums. Each drum hit & every layer is carefully thought out & arranged with so much love & energy, creating a groove that forces you to lose yourself & be drawn in deep. Along with his haunting & trippy arpy melodic hooks his Hidden remix can be dropped at anytime for me.

Abu Micheal Rosa (Jay Tripwire Remix) (Desert Hearts)

Jay Tripwire never disappoints & can literally make any genre move the dance floor. He’s a pro at making each sound grab u, always perfectly spaced out & soul tickling. His Abu remix delivers a fun funky groove to get the night going or close it out, creating a sexy groove, where you have no choice but to shake your ass.

Paper Town Dole & Kom (Tim Engelhardt Remix)

Wow Tim Engelhardt is just absolutely out of this world. You can hear his passion and heart in every sound he carefully creates. His Paper Town remix has all the elements that make my heart smile from, melodic, tribal, dark, driving, & emotional. A definite peak time gift!

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Evelyn Pezzner (Dance Spirit 23rd Dimension Mix) (Subtract Music)

Dance Spirit melts my heart every tune, but especially their Evelyn remix.. This ethereal, deep & mystical journey into another dimension touches my heart deeply. Every sound is so delicate & enchanting, creating pure heaven for me.

Bring it Back 3Lias, Ali Ajami, (Bedrock)

Imagine I play at least one Bedrock tune in each set, & Bring it Back is oh so deep, soulful, heartfelt, funky, splashes of disco & old school meets new school tune that u cannot help to smile & close your eyes while grooving out.

Pollen 4 Life (Main Mix) Sebastian Mullaert & Mathew Jonson

Ok, cmon, what can’t these 2 geniuses do? Love when they come together to create pure magic, like in Pollen 4 life. This beautiful arpeggiated melodic & mysterious journey will blast u off into another world, always complimented with the warmest bass & funky groove.

Computerized Mathew Jonson

If you need some inspiration & something unique from the norm, Mathew will always give u that mental challenge. just chilling or want your mind blown a bit, his ambient, ethereal, deep & wizardy journey delivers.

Mental harp Information Ghetto (Seven Villas Music)

Pablo Bolivar’s label Seven Villas has been a go to for deep, soulful, groovy uplifting sounds to touch your soul. Mental Harp is the perfect start to the night with its beautiful layers of strings & bouncy grooves to get you going.

25 hours Tim Hanmann (Tara Brooks Remix) KDB records

My 25 hours remix has a warm & loving feel, with dark tones, dancing tribal percussion spaced & layered to make you groove just enough, and enjoy this moody but uplifting trip

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