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The J Dilla Turntable is Now Available in the UK

Out via Rap and Soul.

The estate of James Yancey, more commonly known as J Dilla, have released the popular Dilla Turntable to the UK via Rap and Soul today. While it was released via Rappcats late last year, this is finally available outside the US. 

This turntable was designed to be portable, and while it can function as a stand-alone record player, or it can be plugged into any stereo system that accepts an RCA jack or a USB input. It also allows you to record music directly into your computer (transcription software disc included in package), and a headphone jack and dynamic, full range stereo speakers. It comes with a replacement stylus and a 45 adaptor. 

The artwork was created by Mason London. Take some images below, and find the record player here

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