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2015's monstrous debut album City of Gold chiseled Chris Garvey and Nick White a nice little foothold in the drum and bass community, and led onto accolades such as ‘Best Video’, ‘Best Track’, and ‘Best Remix’ nominations at the D&B Arena Awards. Not to mention one ‘Best Newcomer Label’ nomination for Get Hype Records - the latest endeavor for the Brighton-two; their own freakin' imprint!

Today, they have bested all of the above, and reached what may potentially be the pinnacle of their career to date - a Magnetic guest chart. This one is sure to set the...blueprint for your listening pleasures this week!

Last week's non-Protoypes chartage

"Electric" - The Prototypes

Our new single on our label Get Hype Records so we had to get it in... been doing some serious damage and getting great support which we are grateful for...

"Zero Sugar" - Command Strange

Love this ....Back to basics dirty bassline and at last, a nice mixable intro with drums. Big tune.

"Kill Room" - Delta Heavy [RAM Records]

Been out for a while, but we have absolutely battered this - and still do... Killer tune from Ben & Si.

"We Do Our Thing" - Prolix

Absolute tearer from the dark destroyer - the whole EP is disgusting.

"Black Hole" - Glitch City [Get Hype Records]

The one to watch in 2017, who also happens to be signed to our label! Huge support on this from Andy C to Calyx & TeeBee.

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"Fatso" - Metrik [Hospital Records]

Wicked electro dance floor slammer from Metrik, taken from his album, 'Life/Thrills'.

"Unbelievable" - Teddy Killerz [RAM Records]

Huge tune from our Russian friends... The intro is something else.

"The Game" - Des McMahon & Consouls Ft. MC ID 

This dropped on our label in 2016. These dons from the U.S are about to take over the States, no doubt.

"Fluoro Riddim" - KLAX [Critical Music]

Love these boys... we've all known each other for years and it's great to seem them getting the credit they deserve; this track is why.

"Blow" - Upgrade

We wanted to release this tune but got to it too late - wicked roller from another one to watch.

More Prototypes action than you may be equipped for!!!:

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