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Hello friends, I’m TrollPhace and this here is my top ten tips for taking your sesh to the next level, but first, allow me to introduce myself. I’ve been medicating for as long as I can remember, and what started as a medicinal aid for my Chronic Cluster Headache Syndrome has evolved into quite something special. I am a connoisseur of sorts, traveling the globe and enjoying some of the best meds the world has to offer. From sticky-icky danky-dank OG Kush in California, to the infamous Haze strains in Amsterdam, I’ve been able to sesh with just about everything you can think of. 

Furthermore, I own and collect some of the best crafted glass you can ever get your hands on. I am by no means an expert, but I can guarantee that if you stopped by my pad for a sesh, you wouldn't leave disappointed. Medicating isn't about showing off. It’s not about who can slam the biggest hit (although it’s fun some times) or who has the sickest glass, it’s my opinion that medicating at its core is a way to heal your body, cope with illness, bond with friends and loved ones, enjoy movies arts and music, etc etc. The sesh is there for you no matter what you need it for.

That being said, let us begin with Part 1. 


Take Care of Your Tools 

When I'm on the road, I don't really care how I'm medicating, so long as I’m medicating, but if I'm home, let me tell ya, I'm a rig man. Beakers, straight shots, plastic, glass, acrylic, gas masks, one hitters, glass-blunts, e-nails, bangers, grails, you name it, I’ve owned it, and I’ve used it religiously. But in my experience, nothing has brought me more satisfaction than American hand-made borosilicate rigs. My daily driver right now is a gem from my favorite company, Mothership Glass. Mothership has set a standard in scientific functional art that IN MY OPINION has not been matched. I have a very special frosted torus and oh my days is it next level. It pains me to see it get gunked up and seeing as how I couldn’t love a human baby as much as I love this piece, I have to keep it clean. I’ve been cleaning my pieces for a long time, and I’ve seen and heard it all, from the good old fashioned salt and rubbing alcohol, to buying 420 cleaner, I’m gonna break down my method that works every time with literally no effort what so ever.

Grab yourself some high percent (91% preferred) isopropyl rubbing alcohol, this can be found at your nearest grocery store (bonus tip, Wal-Mart has the best kind for the lowest price) and pour some into a microwave safe measuring glass. I use these because they have the pouring ability so you don’t spill boiling ISO all over yourself. I usually fill up about that I'm gonna need to cover the gunky area of my piece. Next put that cup in the microwave for anywhere from 25-60 seconds depending on how much is in the cup. You don’t necessarily need to have the ISO bubbling but it needs to be pretty warm. Next pour that into your rig and just let it sit. Do not shake your rig, thats how you slam it on the sink and break your gems. If your ISO is hot enough the gunk will literally just dissolve off without any extra work needed. If you need to do it again, repeat the process. After your gunk is gone, carefully pour out the ISO into the sink and thoroughly rinse your rig with extreme care, and when I say rinse, I mean rinse rinse rinse. The last thing in the world you want is excess ISO left in your rig, believe me. The first time you go to rip it, even with water in it, you will inhale the gnarliest ISO fumes ever and man it hurts. It quite literally is as easy as that. I wouldn't suggest this method on non-glass tools, because as I learned the hard way a few years ago with my acrylic from Europe, the ISO will eat through and crack it. Please, for the sake of your collection, do not make the same mistake someone in the collector community made recently, and refrain from filling the rig with ISO and placing the rig in the microwave. Said person shattered a $35,000.00 (ya you read that correctly) Dosa x Rose Roads collaboration that was an absolute masterpiece. T’was a sad day indeed.


Be Careful With Your Torch 

This one’s for my dabbers out there. Torching believe it or not can lead to some pretty miserable situations if you aren't paying attention, and that goes without saying, but there are some serious disasters that can be avoided if you are aware of what you’re doing. First and foremost, torch your banger or nail away from anything you care about. I wasn’t paying attention one day and was torching my banger right in front of my gaming monitor (which aren’t cheap) and had no idea I was doing it until this purple spot started to grow bigger and bigger on the screen in front of me. “OH SHIT!” I yelled as I quickly moved the torch away, and luckily the screen was salvaged.

Do not torch towards the rig. The joint sections of your rigs are not very strong, and they will crack and break apart over time if you torch towards them. It’s my preference to not use a torch unless I’m completely coherent enough to operate one. Respect the fire yo, don't burn your house down. 

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Hot and Hurty is Not Okay 

We all have one of those friends right, the kinda friend that comes over and has zero respect for their throat and lungs, as they torch that banger or nail till it’s red hot and then boom slams a fat dab at over 1,000 degrees. This... this is poor decision-making, and I’ll give you a few reasons why.

First of all, it’s bad for you. You can literally burn a hole in your windpipe or esophagus. Have fun explaining that shit to your local ER while you’re gurgling blood. Second, it's bad for your banger. I know a lot of you know about the timer method, but there are a lot of people who don’t, so if you’re a seasoned veteran of the dabbing arts, and know about the timer, go ahead and move along, but if you don’t, here's the deal. It’ll take you some trial and error but for new quartz dishes and bangers, I like to heat the banger for anywhere from about 15-25 seconds, and then hit a timer on my phone that goes for

45-55 seconds, maybe even over a minute depending on who made it, but that will give you the optimal temp to take your dabs. You want that melt my friends, not that “ttssssssssssss snap crackle pop bullshit” that leaves a big black stain on your new $200 banger. Taste is another reason you wanna go low temp, I mean really if you just picked up some nice terp-tastic fruity strawberry banana kush from the local dispensary don't waste that tastes by frying your dabs. Love your dabs, melt them slow. Which brings me to my next tip: 


Q-Tip Tech 

This is a pretty sort and to the point thing we’re gonna get into right here, after every dab, EVERY DAB, take a clean Q-Tip and clean the damn banger. I mean while you’re exhaling and the melt is still warm yo. No one likes a dirty banger, and some of these bangers cost a lot of money. Do not let it build up to the point of you needing to take a metal tool to scrape that crap off. Pains me just thinking about it. Take care of your stuff my friends, and Q-Tip after every hit. I refuse to sesh without a box of Q-Tips next to my rig at all times, and when someone uses it and doesn't do it, they are usually never invited back. 

Be the Host With the Most 

Medicating does lots of different things to different people. For some it relieves social anxiety while it creates loads of anxiety for others. If you’re hosting a sesh, don't be the kinda asshole that sits there in his room not looking out for the homies. Have a case of water. Have snacks. Watch something that everyone wants to watch. Listen to music everyone wants to listen to. If there is anything I’ve learned from hosting a sesh, it’s that the comfort of my friends is more important than anything. Don’t be the kinda person that thinks that just because you’re doing the sesh at your house means that you can do whatever you want while your friends sit around you tripping out on whatever you’re doing. If you can't handle the responsibilities of creating a good atmosphere for you and your friends, don't host a sesh in the first place. What goes around comes around, create an environment that you would want to experience if you were at someone else’s house. Don’t make it seem like anyone owes you anything for it too, set rules if you need too, and that’s okay! But don’t be the kinda guy that invites the homies over so they can hit the bong and watch some bummer shit that you’re into that they aren’t. Remember you can always get high and watch that shit later. 


Check out Part 2 next week! 

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