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Hello friends, I’m TrollPhace and this here is my top ten tips for taking your sesh to the next level, but first, allow me to introduce myself. I’ve been medicating for as long as I can remember, and what started as a medicinal aid for my Chronic Cluster Headache Syndrome has evolved into quite something special. I am a connoisseur of sorts, traveling the globe and enjoying some of the best meds the world has to offer. From sticky-icky danky-dank OG Kush in California, to the infamous Haze strains in Amsterdam, I’ve been able to sesh with just about everything you can think of. Furthermore, I own and collect some of the best crafted glass you can ever get your hands on. I am by no means an expert, but I can guaranty that if you stopped by my pad for a sesh, you wouldn't leave disappointed. Medicating isn't about showing off. It’s not about who can slam the biggest hit (although it’s fun some times) or who has the sickest glass, it’s my opinion that medicating at its core is a way to heal your body, cope with illness, bond with friends and loved ones, enjoy movies arts and music, etc etc. The sesh is there for you no matter what you need it for.

That being said, let us begin with part 2. 


Transporting Your Glass

Glass can get expensive. Whether you scored a sick deal on 4/20 at your local shop and got a killer rig for a few hundred bucks, or you’re homeboy with the $101,000.00 Mothership x Sagan moon rig, your glass deserves to be treated with respect. A vast majority of you dabbers more than likely know this, but you’d be surprised at how many people I still see toting around “bong-bags” to the sesh. There is a company called Pelican that make military grade cases with handles. They come with really good shock absorbing foam that you can cut out in the shape of your rig so you can transport it safely to the sesh. I trust my rig in them, and if you carve out the foam correctly, you can as well. 

Stay Hydrated

Drink water when you’re having a heavy sesh. As good for you as the dabs can be, they can also de-hydrate the shit out of you. 

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I don’t give a shit if you’re hosting a sesh, or joining a sesh, have some damn etiquette. This is basic stuff here people. Who ever rolled it sparks it, puff puff pass, don't hog the green, don't babysit, don't smoke all of homies stuff, contribute to the sesh if you can, these things are basic general knowledge for seshing. But what about dab etiquette? It’s in my opinion that good communal dab etiquette comes from some basic manners mixed with common sense. Dabs can be expensive AF, so don't be the guy that dishes up a fat ass glob on the dab tool unless its being dished up for you. Don't be the kinda guy or gal that doesn't treat the rigs you are using with disrespect. If there are Q-Tips, Q-Tip the shit out of the banger after your dab. Always ask if the owner of the rig uses a timer. Don’t waste the dabs you are given, if you can’t handle a glob that was dished out for you, tell them it’s too much. It’s not a competition. Be the person that’s always invited back, not the person that’s bashed at the next sesh and not invited.

Peer Pressure is Wack AF

Some people don't fucks with the sesh. Deal with it. Don’t be the kinda douche that sits there everyday trying to get your friends to smoke when they don't want to. It creates for a very stressful situation for them and that’s just not cool. So long as they bring good vibes thats all that should be required to be around during a sesh.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey,

Smoke weed everyday - Nate Dogg

There you have it, as hard as it is to condense all the things I have to share with elevating your sesh, these are the things I felt were most important to get across. I hope you learned some thing new, and if you didn’t hell ya you’re a pro. Remember, stay away from the poop soup, and be responsible. 


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