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Magnetic Magazine has a new Funk & Disco chart! Wooohooo! In all seriousness, that was just our reaction when we were given the green light to write for Magnetic and bring y'all the funkiest, freshest, most fire tracks in the disco & funk arena. We hope y'all are just as excited as we are, because we’re ready to bring you a little taste of our Texas based heat.

Oh whoops… totally forgot to introduce ourselves. We’re Funky Fresh Fire, but our mothers call us Brett & Randy. If you’re here that you means you don’t hate disco and funk, which automatically makes us friends. So feel free to call us Brettley & Ned!!! ...because that’s what the homies use. We currently reside in Austin, TX, the live music capital of the world, and boy are we pumped to bring you some tunes! Without further ado, put on your dancing shoes, polish up that disco ball, and meet us on the dance floor. Check back bi-weekly to get a fresh dose of the funky fresh vibes!!

Now repeat after me. We solemnly swear to bring you the funkiest, freshest most fire disco & funk tracks the world has to offer. Oh yea, half of these are FREE DL. 

1. “Doo Do Doo” - Yung Bae featuring Alexander Lewis & Flamingosis

Do you find yourself listening to a song just once and having the chorus is stuck in your head for hours on end? Never did I ever think I would be singing "Dooo Dooo Dooo" at my work desk for a full half day. Doo Do Dooo, Doo Do Dooo, Doo Do Doo... don't say we didn't warn ya.

2. "Turn Off The Light" - Mitiko - Fruity Flavor

By the time our next chart comes out Valentine’s Day will have come and gone, so we felt compelled to provide at least ONE track for the “holiday”. Mitiko’s “Turn Off the Light”, off his recent ep of the same name, is a beautifully dreamy affair that is purpose built for the occasion. It was difficult to choose just one track off that stellar release, but when the vocals finally cut through the sweet piano filled grooves it’ll be clear why it was hard NOT to pick this one.

3. "A1" - Toyboy & Robin

Don't worry, you read that right. A track named A1 produced by Toyboy & Robin. Not to be confused with everyone's favorite comic book duo Batman & Robin. A1 is comprised of a bunch of disco samples they just so happened to stumble upon on the world wide web. This track features a KILLER bassline with all the uppity disco feels you could possibly need. 

4. "B1" - Toyboy & Robin 

I mean, if you're going to listen to A1 you should probably listen to its sister track titled B1. Never heard of these lads and had to look them up. They hail from Britain and have put out some stellar disco remixes, edits, and original material. Similar to A1 this also has a funky bassline, but you get some stellar vocals. End result = Funk approved. 

5. “Humble Music” - Hotmood - Tugboat Edits 12 - Tugboats Motion Co.

A stellar introduction to Hotmood, who reigns supreme among active disco producers with his mastery of sweet and sexy jazz-filled tracks. This one off his recent Hotmood Vol-2 release is bright, airy, and sweet in good measure. Sure to fill you with happy, wholesome vibes, it’s tasteful vocal samples are cute and are sure to make you smile and giggle as you too are “filled with joy”.

6. “Wanna Be Your Lover” - MTBRD

“Dusted off my bass and flipped some Marvin Gaye for this one.” - MTBRD. Couldn’t have said it better myself. MTBRD breathes fresh life into an absolute classic. Well done my friend.

7. "Mirror Test" - Darshan Jesrani - Chit Chat Records

To add a bit to the seasonal theme, here is Darshan Jesrani’s “Mirror Test”, a synthy track that begs you inside its winter wonderland, filled with icey keys and polar synths, only to unleash a funky bassline that answers the question as to you why you came in the first place.

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8. "Macro City (James Rod Rework)" - Gouranga - Rare Wiri Spain

James Rod with another MASSIVE disco heater, a rework of Gouranga’s “Macro City”. A track that builds in layers, each fuller than the last, it’s incredible that he’s able to weave them all together with such acuity. Just when you think he’s gonna stick to a groove he brings in a new guitar or funky bassline that flips the song, keeping it fresh for the entire 7+ minutes. Oh yah, and FREE DOWNLOAD!! If it’s up your alley, peep the rest of the Retro Future Disco compilation released on Rare Wiri Spain.

9.  "Face B" - Alvy

Here’s a housey nu-disco number from the wizard that is Alvy, titled simple FACE B. Filled with bubbly energy and a KILLER bassline, the choppy vocals will keep your hips moving as they chit and chat back and forth with the grooves. Check out Alvy’s other releases on his Soundcloud if you’re interested in hearing some firey nu-disco filled with samples of Yoshi, Mario, and friends.

10. “Never Enough” - Satin Jackets feturing Niya Wells - Eskimo Recordings

The Satin Jackets back at it again with yet another killer tune. This one features vocals by Niya Wells. Listen to thyyyy soooothing vibes

11. “Disco Operator” - Slynk

The funky baseline + vocals + trumpets = amazeballs. This song is 100% funk approved. Oh wait, did we say free download?

12. “Magic” - Will the Funkboss - Springbok Recordings

With a name like Will the Funkboss I expect big thangs and bigger funk. Homeboy delivers some magic on this one with some serious synth.

13. “Serial Thriller - Disco With Attitude (Funk Flex Remix)” - Discotron - Tasty Recordings

Discotron is a funk & disco producing machine. No seriously, this guy is a M A C H I N E. He puts out fire tracks like nobodies business, under a myriad of aliases. Take a listen for yourself. By the time you've listened to this track he has already put out 3x more. Not even kidding.

14. “Giving Up On You (FSQ Caribbean Disco Remix)" - David Marston & Dan ft. Brigitte Zozula - Kindness of Bearer EP Soul Clap Records

If those little islands of paradise inspired this remix then I’m on the next flight out to the Carribean, because this remix is freaking awesome. Who knew the Caribbean disco scene was so fire. Deuces.

15. "Emergency (Loshmi Edit)" - Gayle Adams - Fruity Flavor

This has to be one of the catchier pure disco songs on this list. We asked Mitiko for some artist suggestions and he told us to lookup Loshmi among a myriad of other artist from the label Fruity Flavor.  A few hours of stumbling around Soundcloud and we found this lovely remix of Gayle Adams "Emergency." Some serious vocals and pure disco heat in this one. 

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