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Ever Seen A Jet White iPhone?

Protection specialists Totallee unveils an ultra thin case that turns your iPhone a glossy white
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Phone cases are a dime a dozen. They come in all sizes and protection levels, whether paper thin, or able to withstand being run over by a tank. They also come in every color imaginable. When Apple released their 'Jet Black' iPhone colorway, people couldn't get enough of it. The beautiful glossy black was/is quite a sight to behold. The only problem with it is that, to protect it in most cases, is cover up what makes it special. Phone case maker Totallee created a case to fix that problem with a Jet Black phone case, and after much success and many requests, they have created the yin to their yang. The 'Jet White' scarf case for the iPhone 7 and 7+. A glossy white case that adds zero bulk to your phone.


A bit of that rose gold peeking out


Whited out iPhone

Now, when I say zero bulk, I mean it really feels like your case is nonexistent. Rather scary actually. The effect, for the most part, is exactly as described. Most part meaning that while its effect really depends on the actual color of your phone. I tried the case on both my matte-black phone (because like techno and whatever), and on the rose gold color. While it certainly turns your phone white, for maximum effect, it's best to have a silver 7 or 7+. It made my phone look like a Storm Trooper, and the rose gold slightly bled through the white. Nothing major, but again the best color is silver. I'm one who likes to have a bit more protection on my phone, as I have a habit of dropping it, but the scarf case will do a more than adequate job at protecting it from everyday scratches and such. At .02" thick, this is definitely not the case for you if you're seeking maximum protection. There are those mythical people out there who have never dropped their phone, and should you be one of those people, and at only $19, this is something worth considering. 

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