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Touch Innovations' Kontrol Master Will Help You Produce Music Faster + We Have A 25% off Code

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Kontrol Master

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If you haven't heard about the new Kontrol Master yet and you are using a DAW like Ableton, Logic Pro or FL Studio to produce your music, then listen up. The guys at Touch Innovations introduced the prototype last year at NAMM 2016 and we finally got a chance to check it out during NAMM 2017 - video below. 

So if you are looking to speed up your workflow in the studio this is the too and for $299 the price is hard to beat. More on the unit below. 

Enter Discount Code km25off-cb for 25% Off Here (EXPIRES March 12th, 2017)

Kontrol Master Breakdown 

A realistic feeling and control of real hardware with an ergonomic and comfortable sensation, the high precision knob on the KM is designed for unlimited control of all the virtual faders and knobs in your preferred DAW or any other creative software.

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Durability and Precision 

The high quality pure aluminum anodized knob on the Kontrol Master uses an optical encoder with a reliability and accuracy not available with traditional hardware controllers. The KM has an expected life of over 100,000 hours and the internal micro-switch of the push buttons provides a reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles.
Constructed with high quality and heavy duty injected ABS moldings the Kontrol Master is prepared for be a durable companion on your daily projects.

Kontrol Master  & Multi Monitors

Using multiple monitors with your DAW, different apps and plugins can be extremely worthwhile. The Kontrol Master’s “frame relative” mouse transport allows you to quickly access additional monitors without the hassle of dragging your mouse.

Funk Agenda Kontrol Master

Kontrol Master

Experience Unlimited Control

Combining the KM with your favorite editing software transforms your workflow from standard keyboard and mouse control to a fluid and precisely accurate experience. The Kontrol Master is the link between human and computer that perfectly balances virtual parameter control with creative expression. Whether you are a music editor, graphics editor or video editor you will find the Kontrol Master to be the intuitive powerful instrument that directly links your inspiration to all your editing software.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 4.43.47 PM
  • Compatible Platform(s) Windows, Mac, Ubuntu
  • USB Powered
  • 10 Customizable Buttons
  • High resolution Knob encoder
  • Width: 7 3/32 inch / 260 mm
  • Height: 10 15/64 inch / 88 mm
  • Depth: 3 15/32 inch / 180 mm
  • Weight: 1.43 lb / 650 gr
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Enter Discount Code km25off-cb for 25% Off Here

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