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Danny Sloat, a proud Colorado Native, spent most of his 20s in a prescription haze due to chronic stomach pains and debilitating illness. That is, until he discovered the wonders of medical cannabis. Upon acquiring his first Grand Daddy Purple clone, Danny began growing cannabis and making incredible improvements to his health. In short time, Danny shed 70 pounds and weaned himself completely off a regimen of 19 prescription medications, all the while honing his skills and mastering the art of craft cannabis cultivation.

Now, Danny is the proud owner of AlpinStash, the Colorado farm known for their dank, one of a kind strains like SoDoSoPa, Sparrow King and buds used by Essential Extracts and Kush Masters to make Colorado’s most revered concentrates. When Danny’s not enjoying pollinating trees and tilling his handcrafted live soil, he enjoys the lifted Colorado mountain lifestyle, spending time with his fiance, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, listening to eclectic music and sharing his knowledge on sustainable craft cannabis cultivation with everyone who wants to learn. Danny credits cannabis with saving his life, and he chose five amazing tunes with Magnetic Mag, credited with inspiring his journey.


"Fitzpleasure" by Alt-J

I first heard this tune while working at my local indoor gardening store, Victory Hydro Gardening in 2012. At first, I found the vocals silly and tough to groove with. Because I loved the music, I decided to sit down, get lit and see where things went. I became lost in the picture that Alt-J paints with their intelligent lyrics, grooves and unique vocal stylings, which turns out, I actually truly love. Needless to say, they became one of my all time favorite bands!

"Bright Lights" by Black Mountain

Though Black Mountain has a bunch of songs very worthy of this list, this one takes the cake. A 16+ minute epic odyssey through space and time, the stoniness of this tune can't be denied! I'll never forget the time I got blazed in a Vegas hotel room while listening to this song. One minute I was on the bed relaxing from a day spent in Sin City, and the next found me chanting “Bright Lights” while doing naked yoga in the dark, overlooking the psychedelia that is the Strip.

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"Uku" by Dengue Fever

Haunting Khmer female vocals? Modern surfer/spy rock? Played on a Mastodong, a unique and custom made double necked Fender Jazzmaster combined with a chapei dong veng, a traditional Cambodian 2-stringed instrument? Yeah, you had me at haunting. Seriously though, google "Dengue Fever Mastodong.”

"Favorite Son" by Tweak Bird

I am drawn to music that takes me to distant galaxies. My recommendation is to get way stoned while riding (not driving, mind you. Stay safe kids.) in a car going over a mountain pass, say Rabbit Ears Pass, on your way to soak in hot springs while watching the Perseids Meteor Shower. Man, I love the Nomadic Steppe Culture of Central Asia. Nobody's favorite son can stand against Attila the Hun. You’re damn right. Tweak on Bird, Tweak on.

"The Beautiful Steppe" by Batzorig Vannchig

But for real, I do love the Nomadic Steppe Culture of Central Asia. Mongolia calls to me. I have a dream of one day trekking there, finding a native cannabis cultivar and bringing this Khan Bud to the world. If you don't know about Tuvan/Mongolian Throat Singing, check it out. This style of music and singing enchants me. I can listen to it to amp me up or to chill me out. I can be heard attempting to sing this style to myself while I'm in the workflow at my grow or while trying to calm my mind while astral projecting at a 10. Shit is fire.


Photo of Danny Sloat by Emerald Lens

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