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Recently, we were grateful to receive a Cannador (with Blustream) for review, and highly recommend the product for cannabis connoisseurs interested in protecting their stash. For those not in the know, Cannador makes uniquely designed airtight cannabis humidors for short and long-term storage. They’re specifically constructed for cannabis use and preserve flower by controlling humidity at the perfect ratio to maintain freshness and taste. The Blustream sensor and app introduce smartphone-enabled, relative humidity monitoring and temperature calibration to the equation, allowing you to check on your bud without opening your Cannador. How cool is that?


The innovation began as the chairman and founder of the Blustream Corporation, Bob Bean, approached Cannador founder, Zane Witzel, to adapt Blustream’s Humiditrak hygrometer technology for cannabis. Bean, a musician for over 35 years, originally invented the Humiditrak sensor to keep high-end musical instruments safe from warping and corrosion. Through their partnership with Cannador, the two companies have developed the sensor and app, enabling consumers to securely store their cannabis, protecting both their medicine and investment from spoilage. Why is this such a big deal? Cannabis exposed to excess moisture increases the risk of mold or mildew contamination, while suboptimal moisture levels causes trichomes to become dry, harsh and less effective, degrading essential cannabinoids and essential oils over time.

Impressed with our experience and this new development in cannabis technology, we asked Cannador’s Witzel to recommend five songs for your next buzz. His responses were unabashedly dubby. “CFCF has some interesting stuff that's off the beaten path. Thievery Corporation always has new tunes if you want to feel sophisticated. And, these five are my favorites...” 

"Whelk Then" by deadmau5

Off the album, W:/2016ALBUM/. It starts out slow and builds up like a hit of White Widow; and then suddenly, I'm doing things

"Slack" by Tycho

Off the album, Epoch. I love listening to this on long car rides, especially coming home from an epic trip.

"Dear World," by Nine Inch Nails

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Off the album, Not The Actual Events. Whenever I'm feeling out of place, I go to NIN, which is quite often.

"Bongo Legs" by Ash Walker

Off the album, Single. I'm mentally planning a heist.

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief" by Radiohead

Off the album, A Moon Shaped Pool. Pour me a scotch, and I'll tell you who did it.

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