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New Zealand born but raised in Brighton, England, Oliver O’Neill aka HUCCI started producing at 14, evolving the enigmatic alt-hip hop/trap sound that he has now become synonymous with - melancholic, dark and danceable all at once. At just 16, HUCCI released his first EP Novacane to wide critical and popular acclaim. He’s been steadily dropping track after track ever since as well as establishing his own imprint Veyron Arche. The 21 year old wunderkind took a break from the studio to share five songs for your next smoke sesh.

“Ganja Smugglin” by Eek A Mouse

This is the first song I thought of when tackling this article. Not because I listen to it commonly when smoking now, but it’s one from back in the day. We would chill in my friends room, which was cozy with a high view, and often play this song because we thought you were supposed to blaze to reggae. This one specifically grew on us. It’s a throwback hearing it now, and it’s still such a banger which brings back memories...after school times, early early, Sunday morning. “Didn’t go to school on Sunday.” That’s the opening lyric.

“I Got 5 On It” by Luniz

I thought of this next song because I’ve been blazing to it since early times, and I think it may even be the song I’ve smoked to most. If someone asked me to name which song I’ve heard the most while high in the next 5 seconds, I would probably come out with this. Some might say it’s cliche, but that doesn’t matter. It’s the ultimate song to kick back with a Warhead and zone out to with real friends. There are so many great songs to smoke to, but this one comes with that deep feeling of nostalgia for me. Whenever I listen to it and I’m placed somewhere I can’t smoke weed (for example, through headphones looking out the window on an airplane), I’ll be like, damn. It’s fun to spray the lyrics because every verse is amazing and all about bunning herbs, so lighting up to it feels so right. Definitely caught some inspiration from this song.

“New Park Road (Remix)” by Bullygreen The Ill Vibe x Siz Parks x Change x Papi

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This is a newer submission only released last year, but has been on frequent rotation the past few months. It’s a song by guys from Brixton Hill in South London. A lot more of 67’s (the first 3 rappers) music has been in my playlists. This one stands out with a popping hook delivered from Bullygreen, who I was unaware of before hearing this tune. It’s got a great melody and rides over an incredible piece of production. Shout out to that producer because that beat is solid and catchy as hell just like the hook. I’ve seen some of his videos before and they’re good, but this has just become my favorite one of his. There’s something entertaining about watching an American react to this kind of UK music, so shout out to TooBlunt because he’s killing it. All of the rappers on this song come with sick verses, and it’s a jam to smoke to because it’s sonically pleasing like most songs you smoke to. And, the people in the video are smoking, so there’s a vibe. It’s music!

“More & More” by Wiz Khalifa

I first got into the music of Wiz ten years ago, and listened to “Rolling Papers” on the bus to school most days. His voice is very nostalgic and whenever I hear a song from him it often reminds me of that time. I was around 15 or 16 years old, listening to so much of his music as well as Mac Miller. He’s got loads of great songs to smoke to. I thought i’d choose this as it’s newer, but sounds like 2011 Khalifa. Wiz is still making quality music and smoking a shitload of weed, raising a son, and living it up, so respect to him. I’d love to meet him one day.

“Wizard” by Clams Casino

There’s too much good music in this world to fit into one article, old and new. But I thought I’d dedicate this final submission to the work and effort and general existence of Clams Casino (Michael Volpe) for doing what he does and has done. Musically, one of my biggest inspirations since the start of my career. His shit is so emotional and goes very well with the feeling of being lifted off the Doja. The sounds he produces are dreamlike and I remember opening FL Studio many times back in the day with the intention of producing some shit like Clams, and the beats he made on Live Love A$AP. I think I failed most times, but ideas/attempts can grow, morph into something sounding completely different while holding on to some of the root of inspiration, and end up decent. It’s fun to mess with this kind of music while high, as it’s trippy and often melancholic. It can be deep. This song “Wizard” delivers similar feelings, and is honestly just a random pick from the wonderful discography of Clams Casino. He has a countless amount of nice beats. Try “Illest Alive” for a thrill.

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