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Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - February 10th, 2017

Calyx & TeeBee and Mind Vortex are BACK! Plus new Shogun Audio signee's Pola & Bryson, wild card BetaFuture, and Delta hot 'n' heavy!

It's birthday weekend for this old girl and I am off to celebrate at intense new venue, The Printworks. See image above. Dem lasers will be the least of my worries as Sub Focus, Netsky and Friction go head to head with the delights of a rip-roaring Shogun Audio lineup in room 2. My geriatric ankles can hardly wait for their demolishment!!

See a lot of you out there, for those with more chillaxed weekend's on their agenda's - please console yourselves with the below spread.

The Prototypes laced load from last time...

“Ruffian” - Calyx & TeeBee [RAM Records]

Yes! Long awaited! Calyx & TeeBee always bringing the goods. 

“Gravity Well" - BetaFuture [Free Download]

A free download from an interesting Bulgarian (Madrid-based) duo which dropped its bad self into my inbox. Check out the goods from Pavel and Radoslav. 

“Find Your Way” - Pola & Bryson ft. Charlotte Haining [Shogun Audio]

Pola & Bryson have just been signed to Shogun - OH shit! Some might say they’ve found their er… way. Not me though. I'm better than that.

“7th Dimension” - Document One [Technique Recordings]

Document One's background summary boasts a unique blend of tech, hip-hop, jazz and funk influences - all of which can be found bundled into their new EP. 

“Kaleidoscope” - Delta Heavy [RAM Records]

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Keep your peepers peeled for a competition in a few weeks to win some sweet sweet vinyl from the Delta / RAM camp.

“Subsiderz” - Katharsys [Othercide Records]

Some nuclear zone damage being brought in this tune from Katharsys. "The main focus of the duo is to create intense sounds, into electronic music.” Job jobbed!

“The Veil” - Black Sun Empire & Noisia [Blackout Music NL]

Macaroni & cheese, drum & bass - god knows we love a combo round this neck of the woods, and combo's don't come much more elite than BSE and Noisia slapped together in one big filthy bass buttered sandwich.

“Walk The Same Line (Calibre Remix) - Total Science ft. Riya

Gorge vocals from Riya help transcend this Calibre-esque tune into pure fluttery goodness.

"The Invaderz" - Turno [Charge Recordings]

Storming straight to the top of the Beatport charges is Turno! Ashamed to say this is the first I've heard of him, but the rumour is his music is not for the faint-hearted. 

“Shall We Begin?” - Mind Vortex [RAM Records]

This lot have been quiet of late! Thank goodness they’re back on our radar with promises of much more to come...

50% of the tunes!

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